Meet our investors, Valar Ventures

June 03, 2019 by Anaëlle Gautier
Investisseurs Valar Ventures

This article was first published on Medium on February 9, 2018.

Did you know that? Qonto raised nearly €12 million in 2017 to support its growth. 🚀

In December, we presented the "5 Tips from an Investor to Successful Fundraising" with Raffi Kamber, Partner at Alven and Investor at Qonto.

We are also lucky to have an American fund in Qonto's capital: Valar Ventures, founded by James Fitzgerald and Andrew McCormack, with the support of Peter Thiel (the co-founder of Paypal). 🇺🇸

Alexandre, our CEO, has decided to turn the start-up/investor roles around during their last visit to Paris and ask them a lot of questions.

On the agenda: differences between the United States and France related to investments, the two essential criteria to attract investors... A discussion that you can watch right here. 👇

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