Why Qonto is so much more than a business account

October 06, 2021 by Mark Davis

Tuesday, 3:00pm: At last! You've got three hours free in your schedule that you can dedicate to writing up your strategic plan for Q1, 2022. Grab a drink, get comfy, start writing.

3:18pm: Ah, an email tagged as 'urgent'. One of your team is sending you a reminder to approve a business expense. Might as well get that out of the way now.

4:06pm: Your accountant calls you to ask for some missing invoices that got lost. They're in one of your folders somewhere...

4:50pm: This time it's your bank manager on the phone. Not to respond to your two urgent but unanswered emails, just to set up a "routine catch-up at the branch".

5:45pm: Your events manager pops her head round the door to get your green light to buy supplies for the office Christmas party. Do you need a vegan option?

6:00pm: That's it, the afternoon has come and gone and you've hardly had time to touch your Q1 strategic plan. Too many interruptions. And you can't work on it this evening because you need to do the accounting before tomorrow morning.

Such distractions are perfectly normal - you're a business owner, after all. But it's still frustrating.

It's precisely to help you avoid half-days like these that we continue, every day, to develop the services we provide. Your time is precious and you want to be spending it on driving your business forward. You want to be able to count on a finance management solution for all the rest.

Well, we believe you can count on Qonto. This article details why.

What do we mean by "more than just a business account"?

When we started Qonto in 2016, we were a small team determined to make day-to-day banking simpler for entrepreneurs. Back then, we were very much like most of our customers: passionate company creators with exciting ideas but whose momentum was interrupted by administrative obstacles.

We've grown steadily since those early days and the needs and problems we share have evolved over time. We've had the opportunity to meet thousands of entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners, finance directors and, most recently, leaders of associations.

The ambitions we had at the very beginning have matured into a genuine mission. We no longer simply want to disrupt the old-fashioned ways of traditional banks; we want to create the all-in-one finance solution that SMEs and micro-enterprises deserve. One they all love. One that gives you all the banking services you need. A solution that frees you from the shackles of spend management, accounting and all those other time-consuming tasks that you and your teams would rather avoid.

It's time to master your finance management as a team

The friction caused by spend management and bookkeeping is right up at the top of your list of grievances. That is understandable: these issues impact everyone who has a stake in your business.

  • It impacts you by eating up your precious time and blurring your visibility over your business.
  • It impacts your managers by forcing them to seek your approval for every purchase they make.
  • It impacts your employees, who often pay expenses from their own pockets and spend almost an hour, on average, for every expense report they need to get reimbursed.
  • It impacts your finance department and your accountant, who have more important things to do than chase up missing receipts and documents.

If everybody shares the problem, why not all share in the solution? If everyone teamed up and worked together, would it not produce better results all round?

The more a business grows, the more crucial it becomes to coordinate between teams, particularly when it comes to managing finances. Given the right tools and the right conditions, everyone can move forward at the same pace and in the same direction, for the good of the company.

- Alexandre Prot

It's with this in mind that we've developed a box of tools designed to let you delegate the management of your company's spend in a way that allows you to have full faith in the process.

The benefits apply across the board:

  • You save yourself up to two days' worth of admin work every month, while still maintaining overall, real-time control over your budgets and payments.
  • Your managers are empowered by being made the guardians of your spending policy.
  • Your employees gain the freedom to work autonomously and no longer have to worry about filling in tedious expense reports.
  • Your finance department and accountant can finally forget about having to chase up missing bits of paper.

But do you really need that for your business?

We're not all at the same point in our development. To fully adapt to the unique needs of each company, no matter how big or how small, we've expanded the scope of the services we offer. We now propose:

To discover exactly what each of the offers includes, you'll find the information you need here.

Five years ago, we began our adventure by creating a practical business account that would shake up the traditional banking system.

Since then, we've been constantly enriching our services so that you can enjoy a truly effective, all-in-one finance management solution that bypasses some of the most time-consuming administrative hurdles. There are now some 200,000 companies like yours who've put their trust in us, and we are proud and humbled to support each of you, every day.

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