Automate your finances with the new Suppliers section

January 13, 2021 by Lise Pleyber
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Put your finances into auto-pilot mode with Qonto’s all-new control tower: the Suppliers section! From this new section, you can observe, manage and automate all transactions relating to your beneficiaries. You can now add custom labels and VAT rates to each transaction.

Just like at the airport, the Suppliers control tower offers you more control and visibility, saves time and prevents errors.

Psst 🤫 Do you have a Standard or Premium account? Take control of your expenses, starting now! Prepare for take-off.

Discover the control tower for your suppliers 🛫

The Suppliers space can be found in the new Tools section of your app. It centralizes all your beneficiary information and enables you to manage transactions linked to each one quickly and easily. In a flash, you will see a list of all your suppliers to whom you have sent a transfer.

For each supplier, you can check their IBAN and transfer history. If you decide to stop doing business with one of your suppliers, simply delete them directly from the section. Looking for a specific supplier? Use our filters and find them in no time.

With the Suppliers section, managing your beneficiaries is as easy as 1-2-3!

Automate VAT rates and categorize your expenses ⚙️

In addition to centralizing your beneficiary information, this new section lets you add characteristics to each one.

Looking to enter VAT rates automatically? Now, you can. Add a VAT rate to each supplier for automated entry: no more having to re-enter the same information manually for every transaction. We’re confident that your next VAT return will be so much more convenient!

Plus, discover another practical feature to help you get organized: custom labels. From the Suppliers section, add labels to your beneficiaries directly to categorize your expenses.

Choose your own system to categorize your transactions and organize them according to your needs: by project, by team, by country, etc. You can even use it for your accounting by adding specific codes!

Thanks to automation, you save valuable time!

Financial tracking at your fingertips 📈

You can now categorize all your expenses, and the best part is it’s so simple. Experience the convenience of comprehensive financial tracking like never before! Why not use it, for example, to run a regular report of your expenditures? Generate an extract of your categorized transactions and analyze your expenditures.

With the Suppliers space control tower, take your finance automation journey to the next level. You can now rely on the auto-pilot mode to get a better overview of your finances!

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