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June 11, 2019 by Lucie Casamitjana
AXA x Qonto

This article was first published on Medium on May 21, 2019.

No need to keep the secret any longer, after several months of work, we are very happy to announce that Qonto has teamed up with AXA (the world leader in insurance) to offer you a perfect insurance offer.

Why is Qonto launching an insurance offer?

By allowing companies to deposit their capital, Qonto has made the choice to support entrepreneurs in their professional adventure since its creation. Our commitment does not end there. We were committed to offering you a professional insurance offer to take you away from the hassles of everyday life from the very beginning of your activity.

Much more than a partnership, we wanted this offer to respect Qonto's commitments, because we believe that you have chosen to join us also because we share common values. The prices of the offer are therefore transparent, and the management of your subscription is 100% online thanks to AXA's broker partner: Easyblue.

➡️ Discover the offer (in French)

The Qonto x AXA insurance offer

Professional Civil Liability 😴

Even if you are alert (we have no doubt about it), you may unintentionally cause damage to third parties while working. And in some cases, the compensation you are required to pay can be very significant, to the point of jeopardizing your business.

One of your employees has just spilled his double espresso on your client's state-of-the-art computer? Stay calm! With AXA's Professional Liability Insurance, your client is compensated as soon as possible, and you are covered for damage caused to third parties in the course of your professional activity.

Protect your professional equipment 🖥

Have you just been the victim of breaking and entering and your professional equipment has been stolen? Do not risk a cessation of activity by insuring your business assets. All your equipment for professional use is protected against malicious acts and accidents!

Anticipate the loss of income for the owner 💰

You had an accident and must rest for a long period of time? Rest serenely. An allowance is paid to help you cope with it during a 3-month work break.

A lawyer at your fingertips ⚖️

The next time you have a contract to draw up (and you're not sure how to do it), just call the lawyer. Similarly, if you are involved in a dispute, or if you simply have a legal question to ask: this is the role of the Professional Legal Protection.

Your opinion is important! 🤗

When we think about building new partnerships, we try to anticipate your needs, to understand them. That's why, if this offer doesn't meet your insurance expectations, let us know right away.

Your feedback helps us to offer you a product and actions that meet your expectations.

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