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June 11, 2019 by Lucie Casamitjana
Dépôt chèques compte Qonto

This article was first published on Medium on January 2, 2019.

Simple, quick and without hidden fees, Qonto stands out from traditional banks while offering all the common payment methods needed to manage a professional activity. We believe that our users have also chosen Qonto because they share our vision of a 100% digitalized banking world that is fast, secure and flexible.

However, many of you have told us about your need to occasionally cash the cheques of some of your customers who have not been able to use another type of payment.

After soliciting our community of beta testers to improve and ensure an efficient deposit process, this new feature is now available to allow you to cash cheques when necessary.

Why now?

Even if cheques are only 5% of national payments, we are aware that they are still part of companies' daily lives. Although we do not consider this to be a feature needed in the future, we have decided to make it available to allow you to occasionally cash cheques.

As you will have understood, our philosophy has not changed and we remain convinced that transfers offer many more advantages, in terms of speed and security.

In full transparency

Since the very beginning of the Qonto, we have been committed to developing a true relationship of trust with you, based on transparency and no hidden fees. That's why we wanted to explain why this new feature is not free and unlimited.

Cashing cheques involves high manual processing costs to record the transaction and limit fraud. If traditional banks pass this cost on to other fees, we prefer to charge some occasional users for the feature rather than pass these costs on to all our customers. The cheque deposit is therefore subject to pricing based on the plan to which you have subscribed.

How does the check deposit on Qonto work?

It is simple and effective! To do it, first log in to your account from your computer. For more traceability, fill in the cheque information by accessing the "cheque deposits" section of your application. All you must do is send us your cheque by post to our address.

Don't forget to consult and consider the time required to send your cheque. In the event of non-compliance with the conditions of submission of the latter, we will unfortunately not be able to process it.

We can’t wait to have your feedback on this new feature: 💌

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