Discover the new accounting tools joining the Connect family

January 21, 2021 by Lise Pleyber
clémentine livli axonaut accounting

By now, you are no doubt familiar with Connect, a collection of tools and services integrated into Qonto, designed to help you manage your company’s finances and get your bookkeeping in order.

The Connect family is growing as it welcomes 3 new members. Each has its own unique features, but they all share one common goal: to simplify your accounting in close collaboration with your bank account!

Say hello to Compta Clémentine, Livli and Axonaut 👋

Give a warm welcome to the latest 3 accounting tools to join the Connect family:

Compta Clémentine, the zesty online certified accountant for entrepreneurs.

Livli, the certified accountant who never sleeps, 24/7 assistance to help you manage your company with ease.

Axonaut, the comprehensive software providing support for accounting, administrative tasks, business relations, and to launch your financial management into orbit.

With their cousins Dougs, Pennylane and QuickBooks already integrated into Connect, you’ll be sure to find the accounting solution for you.

Enjoy simple, quick and effective accounting 🤩

So, why should you connect your accounting tool to your bank account? Because it’s the key making accounting a breeze!

Your transaction information is sent to your accounting tool in real time. The amounts, beneficiaries and even supporting documents are sent directly to your tool.

Now that’s teamwork! But there is so much more...

No effort, no wasted time ⏰

Firstly, connecting Qonto to your accounting software means less effort on your part and so much more free time. As you know, we at Qonto are big fans of automation, especially when it helps you save time for what matters most: managing your company!

No more waiting for manual exports to your accounting software. Simply connect Qonto to your accounting tool, and voilà: your transaction information is sent to your favorite tool automatically, without any additional work for you.

More efficient and accurate accounting ✅

By linking Qonto to your accounting tool, you can rest assured that your accounting is in good hands.

This connection enables all of your transaction information, including any supporting documents that have been added, to be sent to your accounting tool automatically and in real time. You can stop worrying about whether you’ve forgotten something, and enjoy reliable, error-free accounting.

Linking your accounting tools to Qonto couldn’t be easier 🪁

And the cherry on the cake? For all Qonto users, simplified accounting is just a few clicks away! Simply log into your accounting tool and launch the connection to Qonto.

Rest assured that your security is our priority. Our teams have thoroughly tested and verified the 3 Connect tools. They are authorized to collect only the data necessary for the task at hand. Your banking information is fully protected.

With this connection, who knows, maybe you’ll start to enjoy managing your accounting. Check out the list of accounting tools incorporated into Qonto on our Connect page, and find the one that’s right for you!

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