Delegate the entry of transfers to your teams

June 11, 2019 by Lucie Casamitjana
Déléguez la saisie des virements à vos équipes

This article was first published on Medium on April 8, 2019.

When we ask our users what are the most time-consuming tasks in managing their daily finances, one of them comes back systematically: the entry of transfers!

Just picture the situation. In each company, there are multiple expense items; and in each of the different departments, many need to initiate single transfers or on a recurring basis.

Each of the emails received starting with "Hey Jane ✌️ Here is the provider IBAN I told you about at lunch..." is a real source of anxiety for the Admin of your account.

You can say goodbye to all those hours (without any added value) spent entering bank details and amounts mechanically! In addition to wasting some time, you take the risk of falling behind on your future payments. 😱 Indeed, making full-time transfers is not really Jane’s main mission.

In a perfect world, it would only take one click for Jane to approve or reject everyone's transfer requests. Oh wait... something tells me that this world already exists!

Just one click

All employees of your company with Qonto access can initiate transfer requests in order to submit them to you for validation.

How does it work?

Step 1: Your team members can access the Requests section from their Qonto account. All they must do is enter the information of the beneficiary or beneficiaries, complete the amount and give the administrator a little more context by adding a note to the request.

Step 2: Once the transfer request has been entered and approved, the Admins and the account holder are notified in real time. They are the only ones who can approve or reject the payment.

Step 3: Admins or account holder only must log in from their mobile or web application to approve transfer requests. In the event of rejection, they can give further explanation to the person making the request.

Delegate while keeping control

At Qonto we believe that financial management is a team effort. By allowing your teams to initiate transfer requests, you give them greater autonomy while maintaining visibility and control over future expense items and payments.

You no longer waste time while keeping control of your expenses!

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