Easily switch your business account to Qonto 🏦

April 15, 2021 by Lise Pleyber

You would like to switch business accounts, but does the prospect of having to notify your suppliers or change all your direct debit mandates have you putting it off? Switching accounts can be a real struggle.

But this is all in the past! Qonto presents the first-ever service to help professionals with their account switch. Transferring your account has never been so easy and stress-free.

Qonto helps you switch accounts 🤩

Both new and long-standing Qonto customers can now benefit from free, dedicated assistance to help switch accounts.

For a totally reliable and simple account transfer, Qonto prepares a comprehensive, customized switch plan. This plan outlines all of the steps to be taken: software subscriptions, salary payments, or direct debit mandates... nothing slips through the cracks! The account switch service is free of unwanted surprises.

To help you stay in control of your account transfer, you can view and manage your account switch from a personalized dashboard.

And to provide even further support, a dedicated advisor is available whenever you need help at any step of the process.

Once the actions have been completed, simply close your previous account and take advantage of everything Qonto has to offer!

Are you a Qonto customer? Go visit to start your transfer!

The time is now: switch your account to Qonto! ⭐️

As you can see, with the Qonto account transfer service, adopting the right pro account for you is finally simple and easy.

Opening an account at Qonto is the best choice for a comprehensive, flexible online pro account that adapts to the needs of your company. Whether a freelancer, SME or micro business, you can simplify your daily life and save time: find all the payment methods you need on a daily basis, manage your teams’ expenses and make managing your finances easier.

Qonto also offers responsive customer service available to help whenever you need it.

Join the 150,000 businesses who have signed up to Qonto, and open your new account in just a few minutes!

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