Access fast and simple loans with Qonto and October

May 06, 2021 by Theresa Gschwandtner

Need to finance your growth? Or would appreciate a little buffer to get through tougher times? We've got you covered. Qonto is partnering with October, a European lending platform #1 in France and in continental Europe, to offer tailored financing solutions for freelancers and SMEs in France and Italy, and soon in other European countries.

Choose between classic loans or a State Guaranteed Loan, up to €30,000.

What's more, Qonto doesn't simply offer you the ability to apply for loans - we've also made it simple, straightforward and fast.

Receive an answer and your money fast ⏱

Say goodbye to lengthy procedures. Applying for a loan takes just a few minutes, getting an answer is instantaneous, and receiving your money takes just a few more days.

No complex paperwork 📃

Forget about paperwork or personal guarantees. All you have to do is share a few details about your company and your project. We'll take care of the rest for you, thanks to the integration between October and Qonto!

You don't need an additional bank anymore 🏦

Now that getting a loan can be done from Qonto, you can centralise all your finance management from Qonto. Once you get your loan, the payback is automatically deduced from your Qonto account, so you don't have to move money back-and-forth from your accounts.

How to apply

To simplify matters and get an answer even faster, we cross-referenced October's main eligibility criteria with our customer base, proactively letting eligible customers know that they can apply for a loan with October. Once October has performed their assessment on the application itself, it's quick and easy to access the loan!

If your company is meeting the following criteria, you might be eligible to get a loan:

  • The turnover of your company is > €100,000 over the past 12 months
  • You've been a Qonto customer for at least 12 months, starting from your Qonto contract sign
  • Your company is headquartered in France métropolitaine
  • Your company is a société commerciale (e.g. SAS, SARL, EURL...) or an SCI
  • None of the shareholders of the company have had a business subject of insolvency proceeding in the previous 5 years

In case you're not meeting these criteria and are still looking for a financing option, have you considered factoring? Through our partnership with Edebex, we can provide you an alternative that will relieve your cashflow. Learn more about it on our dedicated page.

You can now switch to Qonto

Now that you can manage your loan directly from Qonto, you can centralise all your finances on one single account.

If you used to have another account, we can help you moving it to Qonto! Take advantage of our exclusive, free bank switch service for professionals. Our team will support you throughout the process ensuring that all of your information is securely transferred and no standing payments will be missed. Start your seamless, fast and safe bank switch process now.

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