Give (limited) access to your accounts!

June 11, 2019 by Lucie Casamitjana
Donnez un accès (limité) à vos comptes !

This article was first published on Medium on April 10, 2019.

As you’ll understand, at Qonto, we believe that well-functioning, effective and flexible financial management is possible when everyone can participate. To help you delegate and distribute tasks, Qonto has defined 4 complementary roles based on each other’s responsibilities.

For the account holder or Admin

What is the difference between an Admin and an account holder on Qonto?

A Qonto account can have multiple Admins but will never have more than one account holder. The account holder is responsible for opening the account and can close it at any time. The Admins, however, have the other rights of the account holder. If several persons are responsible for the deposit of a company's share capital, only one person will be the account holder and the other Admins.

An overview of your finances

The holder and the Admins have all the rights! As their names indicate, they can administer, configure (etc.) the entire account as they want! They have access to all financial information and parameters. We don't deny them anything! All operations can be done: setting up direct debits, transfers, card payments, cheque deposits, etc.

Manage permissions and validate operations

The account holder and Admins can invite their team members to join them to make financial management a collaboration! Once invited, they can order virtual or physical cards from them and define their limits and permissions. In addition, they are the only ones who can approve and refuse transfer requests from their teams.

For the employee

Means of payment and access to personal history

By giving access to your teams you definitively say goodbye to expense report management. It is less paperwork for the person in charge of expense management, but also and mostly less frustration for your employees. They no longer must incur expenses on behalf of their company or wait several weeks for a refund.

Each of them can own a Mastercard debit card to pay for all their business expenses in France and or anywhere in the world. Your employees do not have the same needs? Online, in-store or overseas payment, cash withdrawal, etc. Qonto payment cards can be virtual or physical and are adaptable to everyone's role and needs. Limits and payment ceilings are allocated to them to promote transparency on budgets and spending capacity. Each employee has access to his or her own history. Transactions are categorized, and the remaining budget can be checked at any time.

Do your employees need to make transfers? Transfer requests allow each of your employees to initiate transfer requests by entering all the information. The transfer is then approved by an Admin.

>> Delegate transfers management to your teams

The employee, the first link in the accounting process

The employee’s function is essential to properly manage finances and prepare a company's accounts. The time when everyone meticulously accumulated their business expense tickets by pinning them under their computer keyboard is over.

After each transaction, each team member takes a photo of their receipt and then enters the amount and VAT rate applied.

🥇 First victory - You will never lose your payment receipts again.

🏆 Second victory - No more clacking noises with each key, your keyboard will never be wobbling again.

What about the accountant?

Are you supported by an accountant to manage your finances? Streamline your exchanges by allowing your accountant to access your transaction history, payment receipts and VAT information.

As its name suggests, the read-only role does not allow the user to perform operations or manage the company account settings. It has been designed for an actor external to the company with a role of support or advice in financial management.

Your accountant is completely autonomous on your issue, he/she will be able to recover a complete export of your transactions, as well as your bank statement. Are any supporting documents missing? With a single click, he/she can request them from your employees.

By giving him access, your exchanges are simplified and your accountant is finally happy.

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