How does Qonto ease the management of your business expenses?

June 11, 2019 by Lucie Casamitjana
Comment Qonto simplifie la gestion de vos dépenses professionnelles ?

Whether someone give you a hand or not for the management of your daily accounting, the field requires some discipline! How come? Because these documents allow you to justify your "accounting entries" (the small lines that make up all the financial flows of your company, you know).

"It's okay, I keep all my bills." Yes, but not only that! The accounting documents are numerous: bank statements, purchase invoices, sales invoices, credit card receipts... even check stubs are included! And there's no way we're throwing them in the trash. Each of these documents may be necessary at any time to justify one of your expenses.

The end of the shoe box myth 📦

You know, the little box in the corner of the office, that gradually fills up and freaks you out at night as soon as the last Friday of the month approaches? We didn't like this box very much either at Qonto.

What if you were told that you could attach all your receipts to the corresponding transactions directly from your application once the payment has been made? Well yes: pay, take a picture of your receipt and attach it to the transaction!

😍 Qonto little extra

Your employees will save you valuable time. Once the receipt is attached, they only have to select the rate and amount of VAT that is indicated on the document.

If you chose the Premium subscription, it is better than a magic trick: the detection of the amount and rate of VAT is automated when the employee adds the receipt. All you have to do is confirm it so that it appears on your accounting export. Very convenient!

Even if the time for the shoe box is over, you are still required to keep the original of these documents in case of a tax audit.

It is time to do some sorting 🗂

No more investigation! Qonto allows you to create custom labels for all your invoices. You have the ability to sort your transactions and create a classification system that meets your company's needs.

Custom labels allow transactions to be sorted, the company's expenditure items to be better identified, and accounting to be prepared. Once applied to the various transactions, these labels will appear on the export file of your transactions.

Claim the missing receipts 🗣

It’s almost the end of the month and some latecomers did'nt upload their receipts on Qonto? No need to go around the office looking for missing credit card receipts. With a single click, you can remind those who have forgotten to file their receipts online to do so.

From managing your expenses to managing your accounting, it's only one step! Qonto is working to build new synergies with your favorite accounting tools to automate the entry of bank data, VAT and payment receipts! No less!

Your accountant is looking forward to it!  

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