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July 09, 2020 by Mélanie Alves Lima
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When we first set out on our Qonto journey, we wanted to offer you fair, clear and transparent pricing. We have no hidden fees and there’s no commitment required (although we hope you will stay with us for the long haul). 🚀Three years into our adventure, and nothing has changed! We made some recent changes to our plans, however, and as always, in the interest of transparency, we wanted to keep you informed. 🤗

Don’t worry! Our fees have not increased! But our plans have evolved as part of a continuous effort to better meet your needs and make it easier to manage your finances and accounting.

More time for Standard plan members ⏳

Similarly to companies with Premium or Corporate plans, Standard plan customers can now save precious time thanks to automatic VAT detection.

☝️ Psst: Click here for more details on how it works!

Gone are the days of rummaging through employee receipts and invoices and spending the last Friday of the month at the office calculating the VAT rate of each transaction.

This feature is available in France only (for now).

Free and unlimited virtual cards for Premium plan members 💳

The Premium plan is becoming (almost) fully unlimited!

In addition to already having an unlimited number of users, Premium members can now also benefit from free and unlimited virtual cards for all their employees. How do they differ from physical cards? The only difference is that all your purchases must be made online. This means more independence for your team, and more security and flexibility for you.

No more (special) fees for everyone 🚀

Until now, fees for special operations were charged to you. Always striving to offer you the fairest rate possible, Qonto has your special fees covered. And believe us, not everyone does it. 😉

Confirmation letters, Non-Sufficient Funds or rejected checks, the management of irregularities, the creation of a SEPA Creditor Identifier, and the return of funds due to an anomaly related to a transfer in foreign currency are all included in all our plans.

We hope these changes will help you improve how you manage your finances, and we look forward to reading your feedback 👉 We would love to hear what you have to say!

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