Send in your receipts by e-mail, and we will pair them with their transactions!

May 20, 2021 by Simon Fevry

In the life of a business manager, the end of the month spells administrative panic. Indeed, at this time every entrepreneur undergoes a bizarre ritual that combines a sort of treasure hunt with a race against the clock.

The goal? To locate the invoices and receipts corresponding to each completed transaction, from a whole stack of business emails.

The reward? The right to continue developing your business.

For a company with 15 employees, for example, this is a two-hour process. For companies with twice the workforce, it can take an entire day! This represents a significant cost for the business. You lose your time and thus your money, you become frustrated, and you start mixing everything up...

To manage your receipts and invoices quickly and efficiently, you can now add your receipts directly from your inbox in just a few seconds.

No more chasing after employees and their receipts 🧭

Uber invoices, software licenses, and more... send us your documents as they come across your desk, using the e-mail address assigned to your company. Qonto takes it from there, pairing the receipt with its corresponding transaction and adding the VAT rate indicated on the document automatically. This feature also works for transactions that have yet to be created: the invoice is paired as soon as the transaction is completed.

What used to take hours now takes one click 🖱

This feature is available for all Qonto users, except the Solo plan. The feature works thanks to a collaborative effort to help business managers and their employees say goodbye to endless expense reports. Everyone can now be free from spending the end of month hunting for and downloading receipts!

Plus, our algorithm pairs documents with their corresponding transactions automatically. No more mistakes!

But Qonto makes your life easier every day of the month. As you progress through your journey as a business manager, our solution saves you time and enhances your operations, which trickles down to your employees as well.

What are you waiting for? Join the 150,000 entrepreneurs who work with us on a daily basis, and  open an account in just 10 minutes and 100% online!

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