How our revamped API can help you automate your finances

February 02, 2021 by Lise Pleyber

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Qonto users is that they’re not necessarily developers. That being said, if programming is your thing, you’ll definitely be able to have some fun!

So you’re a Qonto customer? Well now’s the time to get started with automating your finance processes using our API. Create personalized reports, invoice your customers, generate automatic reminders, and so much more. Free yourself from those time-consuming tasks and focus on your business activity (or programming, that’s good too 😉).

Are you developing a software solution and want to give your users part of the Qonto experience? That’s possible too!

Even better, we’re spoiling you with an ever-improving experience. Discover an enhanced API and exclusive tech content, for a developer experience that ticks all the boxes.

We recap everything for you in this article.👇

Automate your financial processes 💪

The Qonto API is an effective, flexible and modern way to manage your finances. And that’s not all; it also saves you valuable time. With the API, you can go even further with your automation based on the information you would normally see on your app, including your account information, transactions and even your beneficiaries.

To help you get started, we’ve listed a few of our favorite uses:

Program summaries to be sent 🗓

Rather than opening your app on a daily basis to verify your account balance, have a daily summary sent to you by email automatically at a scheduled time.

Identify specific transactions 🧾

Say goodbye to misplaced receipts: instantly locate all transactions in need of supporting documents by filtering the list of your transactions.

Combine all of your professional accounts 👀

Do you have multiple Qonto accounts? Bring together all your account transactions for an overall view of your your finances.

Set up advanced monitoring of your finances 📊

Carry out a complete analysis of your expenses by category. Retrieve all of your transactions and organize them into categories or using custom labels. With this system, you can automatically track the changes in your expenses in a flash.

Discover the new features of the API 🎁

As previously explained, we recently revamped the Qonto API with new features which you may find very helpful!

A search function 🔎

We’ve added the option to find a transaction or organization with its ID. No more sifting through your transactions one by one to find what you’re looking for!

Filter simply 🏷

With our filter, it’s easy to retrieve transactions or the list of your users according to specific criteria. This means you can instantly locate all transactions in need of supporting documents. Filter by side to separate all your debit and credit transactions.

Collect even more information 🏅

You now have access to new types of information. For example, you can find the last digits of your bank card or the type of transaction made (transfer, card payment, etc.). Very practical to produce even more comprehensive personalized reports!

A single API call to recover all your transactions and their supporting documents ⚙️

You can now include an external resource in a single API call. That means you only need one call, with a get request to recover a transaction, its supporting document, or its label. A huge timesaver!

Now all you need to do is try it out! To do that, go to our API documentation for all you need to know to get going.

A new communication channel for developers and CTOs ☎️

For Qonto, improving your developer experience means providing a complete, powerful API, as well as providing you with useful content and staying in touch with you to understand your needs.

Are you interested in technological subjects, beyond the API? Well, good news, every fortnight our Tech team shares its thoughts on development or the specificities of the banking world when you work in the Tech industry. Go and take a look!

Don’t forget, there’s no API without you. To help us create its future and improve developer experiences at Qonto, we’ve created a new channel to keep you informed before anyone else of new features for developers, and to share tech content. To keep up with the latest news for developers before anyone else, 👉 click here.

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