Say goodbye to paper: your digitized receipts are now certified!

January 07, 2021 by Mélanie Alves Lima
probative value certification receipts digitized Qonto

"Really? You need to keep the paper receipts for ALL expense reports?" 😲

We've all asked ourselves this question (perhaps a bit too late) at the risk of being lectured by our accountant for failing to meet this legal obligation. In our defense, this task, in addition to being a surprising necessity, can be quite tedious.

Depending on your answer, you may belong to one of two camps: those who play the game by following all their rules to the letter, and those who have never heard of this requirement or who simply forget. So, which are you? Thus, the infamous shoebox appears, overflowing with receipts, invoices, and other documentation, much to the dismay of your accountant.

That, however, was before the arrival of probative value certification for your receipts. 🦹

A what certification? 🧐

Admittedly, the name sounds a bit scary but trust us: you will soon learn to love it. Here's why.

Thus far, you’ve been able to attach a receipt to each of your transactions by uploading it directly to your favorite app. Then, with a little wave of a magic wand (thanks to OCR technology), all the information is detected automatically. You can even go one step further by connecting your Qonto account to your preferred accounting tool. This winning combo has one shared goal: to help you save valuable time.

What's new then? Starting today, your digital receipts on Qonto carry exactly the same legal value as their original paper versions. How? Through probative value certification.

We told you you would love this term. 😏

Simply scan your receipt, and it's done! Qonto certifies it and stores it for you securely. If you're the curious type, this article outlines all the details.

Security rhymes with serenity 🎶

Think back to those lonely moments rummaging through that blasted shoebox trying to find the receipt from January 5 (insert whatever day or month of the year). When you finally got your hands on it, you found it was folded in four and totally illegible. Even treasure hunters have hit bigger jackpots!

With probative value certification, make room for more security and serenity in your day-to-day life. 🧘‍♀️

You can access all your receipts at any time in a few simple clicks. You no longer have to worry about your receipts getting damaged or worse, lost (yes, this happens even to the best). With Qonto, your receipts are placed under strict surveillance and kept nice and safe in the app.

Under audit by URSSAF? Don't worry; a simple export is sufficient to comply with the law and the relevant authorities.

A true team effort 🤝

As you know, teamwork has long been Qonto's most cherished value. So, how would you feel about sharing all the advantages of probative value certification with your employees?

For your employees, nothing will change: card payments, transaction notifications, receipt photos, and scans. What's different? Their receipts will now be stored and probative value certified without any additional effort on their part (well, almost). It will be a real time-saver for your accountant: no more chasing after receipts or even reconciling them manually, as they are attached to each of the transactions. And you will be free to grow your business, surrounded by a team that is now more solid and collaborative than ever.

Minimal effort, maximum time savings. 💪 This may sound like the mantra of any entrepreneur, but our teams decided to meet this exact challenge three years ago. Automating your financial processes, supporting you in your accounting management, storing your receipts, and certifying their probative value... By reaching these milestones together, we will fulfill our mission: make your daily life easier so that you can focus only on what matters most to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Finally, get rid of that wretched shoebox!

Psst: This new feature is available starting from the Standard plan. But Solo plan members can rest assured: even though their receipts are not certified, they can of course digitize them and enter the VAT manually.

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