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June 11, 2019 by Lucie Casamitjana
Cartes virtuelles Qonto

This article was first published on Medium on May 21, 2019.

Are your in-store payments becoming increasingly rare? However, you are still hesitating to switch to a payment method that reflects your expenses: 100% online?

We give you all the elements to choose your payment method with complete peace of mind: more secure and more flexible.

Let’s go for a virtual card. But for which kinds of purchases? 💳

The answer is simple: absolutely all your purchases, if you make them online! You will have understood it: for your one-time or recurring online payments, you no longer need to carry a physical card.

Well-organized business trips

Your business trip to Brussels is fast approaching? It is time to book your hotel and train tickets in a few clicks without further delay. Gone are the days when you had to go looking for the one and only physical map of the office to prepare your trip. With Qonto, each employee is autonomous and can buy their own tickets with their virtual card.

The journey does not stop there! In case you need to simplify the management of your expenses on site, use a physical card. At Qonto, one card does not prevent the other: at each stage of the trip, there is a way to pay!

Your marketing expenses and SaaS subscriptions

Do your marketing teams swear only by Paid Search Marketing? Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc. Whatever their strategic choices, your teams can benefit from a payment method that reflects their daily lives: online and dematerialized!

Do your teams use several software programs as part of their business requiring recurring online payment? You don't need to carry a physical card for that! Simply enter the information from your virtual card.

“We have a total of 5 physical cards and 5 virtual cards. As far as the use of virtual cards is concerned, it is different depending on the business. Our sales representatives will mainly use it to book flights and train tickets. While tech and support teams use virtual cards to purchase online hardware, hardware and tooling needs.”

Grégoire Tabard – Attendance

Purchases for the office

Coffees, pens and sticky notes delivery! Our virtual cards allow you to order all office supplies and manage all your overhead costs online.

Qonto cards can be adapted to suit everyone's needs. Our users have got that! This is particularly the case for the Clac des Doigts teams. The digital concierge service, for companies and individuals, has adapted its employees' payment methods according to their profiles and needs! Very smart!

“We have 9 physical cards and 6 virtual cards in total. Each employee has a personal physical card, but also have the possibility of using a virtual card for purchases made on the Internet. The concierge engineers who work remotely, use only virtual cards because all purchases are made on the Internet or for distance sales. And finally, the couriers working with us use physical cards. We adapted the cards to suit everyone's needs. The advantage of virtual cards is to have a certain number of cards, while avoiding as much as possible losses, theft, etc. Their management is easier for remote staff.”

Chloé Weitz - Office Manager - Clac des doigts

100% secure! 🛡

You have already been afraid that your company's card will be hacked, and that your business account will be emptied in a few minutes... Well, don't be afraid! Define payment limits for each of your employees' virtual cards based on their individual needs. You considerably reduce the risk of card piracy and keep control over everyone's expenses and budget!

Access to Qonto virtual card information is also secure! Only the cardholder will be able to access this information from their Qonto account, and the display will only be possible once the double authentication has been validated.

Stay flexible! 🤸🏻

We already told you about it in this article! By ordering an e-card, you benefit from much more flexibility. No need to wait for the postman to arrive for days while waiting for your physical card to arrive. The advantage of the virtual feature? It’s immediate!

When you order a new virtual card, you can pay for your purchases online within a minute! It is activated as soon as you order it! Need to change your card's payment limit? You have the possibility to contact one of the Admins of your account; the changes will be considered in real time.

The little "flexibility" extra of Qonto: Did you know that our cards were cumulative? For real! If you have reached the maximum amount authorized by Qonto on one of your cards, do not hesitate to order a second one.

“We mainly use our physical cards to prepare our trips and buy our train tickets. The plus of Qonto virtual cards is really the price and immediate activation compared to the delivery times and risks of loss of physical cards. “

Tristan Ferry – Innovafeed

A better follow-up for your purchases 📊

Do you want to differentiate some of your expenses and allocate specific budgets to your business travel, SaaS subscription or advertising purchases? Why not dedicate one or more virtual cards to these different items of expenditure. Define limits according to the defined budget. Once the limit is reached... the next payments will be declined.

“We better track purchases with virtual cards."

Marina - Crazy voyages

Still hesitating? Check out our plans and subscription offers, free virtual cards are included!

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