"Showing empathy and curiosity is essential to be a good Product Manager."

6 mins

By Marianne Medioni, June 21,2022

Being a Product Manager at Qonto means being an expert of my subjects and remaining involved in the development of our product, from the thought process to the production launch.

In my opinion, empathy and curiosity are two important qualities. We need to put ourselves in our users' shoes to create the best customer experience and to ensure Qonto's promise of "creating the business finance management solution all businesses love". You also have to be curious, willing to test everything in order to learn and cultivate your User Experience sensitivity.

Here, every misstep is not seen as a failure but as an opportunity to take a step back, to assess the situation, and to improve so that we satisfy our customers by combining speed and quality. What more could you ask for?!

Marianne Medioni
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