Evoliz + Qonto

Sync Qonto and Evoliz to track your unpaid invoices and trigger your supplier payments.


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  • Accounting

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By syncing Qonto with Evoliz, you will be able to access your account statements directly from your Evoliz interface. You can also easily track your unpaid invoices by linking your account flows with your purchase and sales invoices. Finally, initiate transfers directly from your Evoliz interface without any risk: you can even program it for later or request a third-party validation.

About Evoliz

Evoliz is an invoicing and management software made for entrepreneurs and their accountants. Evoliz simplifies the everyday life of entrepreneurs to make them love management. It allow customers to manage their sales and purchases, to sync their business account and to gather real-time statistics on their activity.

Evoliz combines security and innovation and is compliant with the VAT anti-fraud regulation. Since 2010, Evoliz offers a 100% French expertise since our customer data is hosted in France only.