Acasi + Qonto

Fully automate your accounting and manage your self-employed business in real-time!


Transactions, supporting documents, and VAT information entered into your Qonto account are sent to Acasi automatically. You no longer have to enter the same information twice. Your main information: VAT, taxes, social security contributions, and monitoring of receivables are all updated in real-time.

Feedback from our users

You save so much time! With the Qonto app, I take a photo of the document, and it is sent to Acasi automatically, which updates my indicators in real-time.

Gary Cohen - Hackisition

About Acasi

Acasi is a unique solution for freelancers and self-employed individuals. Designed to automate your account management, it automatically recovers supporting documents and bank transactions, sales modules, VAT returns and statements, payslips, and more.

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