PayFit + Qonto

Pay up to 400 salaries in just a few clicks from PayFit. It's simple and secure.


Thanks to the PayFit x Qonto integration, all users with a Standard and Premium Qonto plan can pay up to 400 salaries from PayFit in just a few clicks. You save precious time and avoid mistakes!

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Not a PayFit customer? Good news! PayFit offers two monthly subscriptions to Qonto customers.

Not a Qonto customer? Qonto offers two Premium monthly subscriptions to PayFit customers.

Feedback from our users

PayFit was already supporting me a lot in the payroll and holiday management of our employees, with the Qonto integration this is a new dimension. The interactions between my bank account and my payroll tool are saving me a lot of time and reducing potential errors considerably!.

Henri de Bouteiller - Chief of staff @ Bonjour

About PayFit

PayFit is to HR what Qonto is to banking: a payroll and HR management solution designed to simplify complex and time-consuming administrative tasks.

The good news is that you don't even need HR or payroll skills to take advantage of it.

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