Pennylane + Qonto

Your accounting tool retrieves your transactions, receipts and invoices automatically, then manages the rest for you.


Your bank transaction history and your receipts appear in real-time in Pennylane, automatically and effortlessly. It’s time to manage your accounting? You don’t have to do a thing: your accountant will take care of everything.

Feedback from our users

“As a young entrepreneur, I love how quickly they respond to accounting issues and that I can stay in control of my finances! I’m also a big fan of their Qonto API which retrieves my supporting documents automatically... very convenient!”

François Mayaud - Founder of Diligo

About Pennylane

Pennylane is more than an online accounting expert or tool. It enables you to manage every aspect of your business, including your cash flow, customer invoices, and supplier payment tracking. A dedicated representative provides you with daily support and takes care of all the administrative tasks so you don’t have to. As an accrual accounting solution, Pennylane helps you manage and anticipate changes in your cash flow. So you can have peace of mind while planning for expenditures and revenues!

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