How to deposit your capital online with Qonto

5 mins

By Hans Bousquet-Lafond, June 20,2022

📌 To summarize: keep a good copy of your ID handy, along with proof of address dated within the last three months. Same goes for your partners.

📌To summarize: reach an agreement with your business partners (or with yourself) on your company’s capital. Identify the contribution of each party because, from this point on, you'll have to stick to it.

📌 To summarize: consider your future needs. Should you have one or multiple bank cards? Will you make a few or many transfers? How many employees will you have and when might you need to take on more? This will guide you in your choice of plan.

📌 Helpful tip: try to secure proof of address ahead of time

📌Just one last thing: if you run into the slightest problem when depositing your capital, you are not alone. You can contact us here:

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