Championing people, protecting our planet.

A better world is everyone’s business. At Qonto, we understand we have a part to play in building a more sustainable planet and a fairer society. We’re still at the start of our journey but each day we’re learning how we can act - both internally and with our external partners - to maximize our positive impact on communities and minimize our impact on the environment.

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Standing up for diversity, equity & inclusion.

Standing up for a sustainable planet.

We want the principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to guide our decisions company-wide.

Not just because we want a fairer world, but because we know a product that’s accessible to all entrepreneurs requires a diverse team to create it.

Our belief

We believe that social equity is not a topic for debate. It’s a goal we must achieve to make Qonto just as diverse as society as a whole. We want to smash through every “glass ceiling” so that each Qontoer, each Qonto candidate and each Qonto customer has access to the same opportunities.

Our approach

We strive to be inclusive by design. Internally, that means a recruitment process that’s free of bias, HR policies that satisfy the needs of diverse demographics, and regular DEI training for our teams. Externally, it means working with experienced partners to promote awareness around the prejudices that hold people back.

Our objectives

On gender parity, we aim to reach a level of 48% women in our overall team, and 45% women in the leadership team by the end of 2023. To champion the rights of all under-represented communities, our work is just getting started: we’ll keep building our network of Employee Resource Groups to ensure support is not ‘top-down’ but employee-led.

As Qonto grows, our environmental footprint must not grow at the same rate.

We commit to a 5% year-on-year reduction in our direct and indirect carbon emissions relative to our growth by the end of 2023. We’ll also share with you the details of this goal, our progress in reaching it, and the learnings we make along the way.

Assessing our performance

In 2023, we carried out our first full evaluation of our greenhouse gas emissions to guide our carbon reduction strategy. We’ll update and republish the results of this audit each year to track our progress and hold ourselves to account.

Reducing our emissions

By the end of 2023, our objective is to reduce our year-on-year greenhouse gas emissions by 5% per employee in our direct and indirect emissions related to energy consumption, and by 5% per Euro of revenue in our other indirect emissions.

Targeted action, wider impact

We’re targeting several internal areas of action in our carbon reduction plan: our cards & packaging, purchasing policy, marketing investment, and workplace, travel & events policy. Externally, we are also putting a focus on how and where we place our clients’ funds.

Committed, company-wide.

Our partners for positive change

While we've already made great strides, each day we're still learning how we can best fulfil our social commitments. To help us, we've chosen partners with a wealth of specialist experience and expertise.

Further information

To help us make the best, most socially responsible decisions, we like to stay informed. We also want to share what we’ve learned with our customers, partners and investors. Stay up to date with Qonto’s progress on environmental sustainability, social equity, diversity and inclusivity.

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Think we’re missing something?

We’re just at the start of our journey to make Qonto a genuine driver of positive change. If you have something to share that you think will help us get there faster, we’d love to hear from you at