Qonto's affiliate program

We love our affiliates and are always looking for new connections. Get in touch with our affiliate program managers!

The Benefits of the Qonto Affiliate Program

We enjoy working with influential and diverse affiliates who share our vision of excellence. We are always looking for partnership proposals. Contact us for more information.

Increase your revenue

A commission for each finalised online registration at Qonto

Receive a bonus with each Qonto account activated

The commission is subject to change based on performance

Boost your performances

Get the latest Qonto assets and banners

Receive monthly updates on Qonto as well as the wider fintech industry

Access a team of affiliate professionals to help boost Qonto content

No prior knowledge required

Acquire affiliate skills with the help of Qonto's resources

Receive step-by-step advice on how to develop your partnership

Discover the specifics of Qonto and the banking world

How to join our affiliate program


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What is Qonto's Affiliation program?

If I'm new to affiliation and don't know the key terms where can I go to learn more?

Is my website eligible for Qonto's program ?

Dos/Don't of Affiliation

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