No more chasing up expense receipts

You’ve already wasted enough time chasing after missing business expense receipts. Let Qonto relieve you of this time-consuming chore and manage all your paper receipts for you.

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No-fuss receipt collection

  1. Take simple smartphone photos of your paper receipts and add them to the app.
  2. Forward your digital receipts to your dedicated email address.
  3. Import receipts automatically with our Zapier and Integromat integrations.

We remind your staff for you

Missing receipts are a pain. Activate the receipt reminder feature for free directly from the app. Each Monday, Qonto will send your staff automatic reminders until the missing receipts are added to their expense reports.

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Take a step to being paper-free

You’ll no longer need to stock paper receipts thanks to our probative value archive feature. It certifies all your digitized receipts, making them ready and compliant for the tax inspectors.

Make your accountant’s job easier

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Export to more than 80 accounting tools

Remove the risk of human error by exporting your banking transactions automatically.
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Automatic VAT detection

Save time calculating VAT - our smart scan tool will do it all for you.
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Read-only access for your accountant

Simplify life for your accountant by giving them direct, read-only access to your Qonto account.

Your receipts solution within an hour

Contact us 9:30 to 18:30, Monday to Friday and our teams will call you back within the hour to present your Qonto solution.

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How do you report the loss of an expense report receipt?

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