Manage your expenses as a team

Automate your expense report process and stay in control by ordering Mastercard Qonto cards for your team members

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A safe way to empower your teams

Set spending limits for transfers and for each card.

Invite team leaders and office managers and customize what they can see and do.

No more expense reports. Qonto’s cards give employees the means to be autonomous and efficient.

Approve employee spending requests for cards and transfers in a click.

You're in good hands

Stay in control



Now, you will enjoy the end of the month

Accessible for your accountant

Your accountant will be able to access all required information in viewer mode.

No more missing receipts

Your teams simply scan their receipts and attach them to their purchase. Et voilà, they are certified! Plus, amounts and VAT are auto-detected.

Finances and accounting connected

Expenses, tickets, VAT...all information is synchronized in real-time on your accounting tool.

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Keep control over all your expenses

Configure individual access rights for each Manager, according to both their needs and yours.

Set spending limits for each Mastercard. Per day, per month or per transaction.

Keep track of all your transactions, in real-time with an unlimited history.

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Trusted by 250,000 companies

Qonto is 100% aligned with what we do at Alan: a straightforward service, a customer-oriented interface, and ultra-fast customer service!

Jean-Charles Samuelian — Founder @Alan

Qonto really helped us to give our field-employees greater autonomy. At Kawa, our collaborators have their own Qonto card to manage their professionnal expenses.

Antoine Vayson de Pradenne — Founder @Kawa

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The essentials for managing finances as a team.

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The complete package with even higher limits and full access.

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