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Frequently Asked Questions

Why change your professional account? 

The decision to close a professional bank account is made for various reasons and is usually initiated by the company or by the bank. Whatever the reason, very specific rules must be followed when changing your professional account. 

The vast majority of businesses are required to open a professional bank account

This professional account enables businesses to send and receive funds via a single account number (also referred to as bank domiciliation). For professional activity, this domiciliation is obtained by opening a professional account. It is required for a wide range of start-up projects.

A professional bank account offers specific services not available on a typical account. A professional bank account may be closed for various reasons, and such a decision is usually initiated by the company or by the bank. Whatever the reason, very specific rules must be followed when changing your professional account.

When should you close your current account?

You may need to close your professional account when switching banks. This change may be prompted when the business is no longer satisfied with the services provided by the bank hosting its professional account. The change may be initiated by the bank (which forces its client to close their account).

It is important to be well informed of the steps and procedures to follow for closing an account and opening another with a different banking institution. Note that you should open a professional account at another bank before submitting a request to close your previous professional account. This will help you avoid any interruptions in transactions or other issues such as an administrative seizure by a third-party holder (SATD) or an inability to pay a monthly subscription.

For professionals, choosing the right bank is key; a number of offers are available on the market with online banks and neobanks. Each offer should be analyzed according to your professional activity and your company’s stage of development. 

If you wish to change your professional bank account, you will need to proceed step by step. To summarize, below are the steps needed to change your pro account:

• Create a list of your new needs;

• Compare offers and choose a new pro account;

• Open your new account, obtain your cards and transfer your information;

• Close your previous account.

Questions you should ask before choosing your new account

A wide range of online banks and neobanks offer services for professionals. Before choosing your new business account, you will need to ask yourself a few questions:

• What bank fees are you currently paying and what types of services do they cover?

• What are your highest bank fees?

• What deposit methods do you actually need?

• What are your current payment methods (debit card, checks, cash, etc.) and what methods would you like to use?

• Are you interested in any add-on services (professional insurance, personal advisor, accounting, management, etc.)?

How you answer these questions will help you compare professional accounts offered by traditional banks, online banks and neobanks. When you make a good choice, you have the opportunity to save on bank fees or to benefit from more services for the same price.

Why choose a solution like Qonto, that's dedicated to B2B?

Not sure where you want to open your next business account? Neobanks and online banks provide a reliable alternative for professionals. Qonto offers extremely secure 100% online professional accounts, a connection to 80 accounting tools, and a wide range of payment methods. Opening an account can be done totally online and takes an average of 10 minutes. 

With the Qonto business account, you have access to a fast, reliable service 24/7, and all in 15 minutes on average. For more information, try our comparison tool to find the account that suits you best!

The standard procedures for changing your account

As previously mentioned, you must start the process of opening a new business account before closing your previous account. A transition period is necessary. This way, the new account can be opened before the final switch is made.

When opening the new business account, you will need to request new payment methods for the company. With the new bank, you can obtain these quickly when you open the account.

We recommend leaving some funds in the previous professional account to cover any pending transactions, such as uncashed checks, unprocessed debit charges, etc. Plus, you can use these funds to pay for any transactions that arise while waiting to receive your new payment methods. 

You will need to ensure that transfers and permanent direct debits are properly switched over. In fact, the new bank where your professional account is now being hosted is responsible for forwarding your new banking information to organizations (URSSAF, internet provider, EDF, electricity, tax offices, etc.). 

Once all pending transactions are completed, a final check will need to be done. Verify that all new transfers, direct debits and services are set up with the new bank. This way, you can rest assured that everything is in order. 

When opening a new professional account, your company will need to provide certain documents depending on its legal status. Generally speaking, the following documents are required:

• Proof of identity for the individual entrepreneur or the legal representative in the case of a company;

• Proof of address providing information on the company headquarters or offices;

• Proof of professional activity dating back no more than 3 months;

• A copy of the articles of association.

The bank may request other complementary documents. A company is permitted to hold several business accounts. 

In the event your request to open a business account is refused, you may demand to exercise your right to an account by contacting the Banque de France. 

Verify automatic transactions, direct debit mandates or any other regular transaction on your previous account. 

Companies often decide to change banks to open a new professional account in order to reduce bank fees or access a customer service. Switching banks can have a number of advantages; however, certain provisions must be made before closing the previous account. 

Certain aspects will need to be taken into consideration:

• Listing of all annualized fees;

• Recurring transfers on the professional account;

• Automatic direct debits known as mandates;

• Any checks issued which have yet to be cashed;

• Debit card payments in progress or yet to be recorded;

• Automatic exports to your accountant;

• E-mail and SMS alerts;

• Digital safe;

• Credit;

• Overdrafts.

How to close your previous business bank account 

Now that all the steps have been completed and the new bank has opened your new professional account, you can go ahead and close your old account. 

Closing a business account is really very straightforward. Simply send the request to your previous bank, along with the necessary supporting documents. 

If your previous professional account is with a traditional bank, you can visit your branch to request to have your professional account closed. This request can also be submitted remotely via registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. 

If your account is with an online bank or neobank, you can close it online. It may be free to close a professional account, but this is not always the case. Some closing or transfer-of-assets fees may apply. These fees vary from one bank to another.