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  1. The all-in-one account you can open in 10 minutes
  2. Mastercards, instant SEPA transfers, direct debits and much, much more...
  3. Invoicing. Bookkeeping. Expenses. All in one place.
30-day free trial. No commitments.
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An online business account with all the essentials

  1. An account with a French, Italian, Spanish or German IBAN.

  2. Order customizable business Mastercards.

  3. Send and receive instant transfers within the SEPA zone.

  4. An unlimited transaction history.

A business account you can open with minimum fuss

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Opening an account is easily done. 100% online via your mobile phone or computer.

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Our no-commitment, no-fee subscriptions adapt as your company grows.

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Business accounts with no hidden costs. No sneaky fees. No ‘monthly maintenance’ extras.

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Always there

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Our teams are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you.

Payment methods that get the job done.

Instant bank comparator

Compare what traditional banks offer to the solutions of digital providers.

Switching business account is fast and easy

4 hours a month saved on bookkeeping

Optimize your spend management solo or as a team

Boost your productivity with our tools

The finance solution that powers up your business

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Loans to finance your projects

Simple, fast and guaranteed financing solutions. Oh, and without paperwork.

Discover financing
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Grow your cash surplus

Got money sleeping in your account? Help that money grow with our remunerated accounts and manage it all via Qonto.
Discover savings
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Deposit and increase your capital

Get your company’s initial capital deposit or capital increase finished faster, 100% online.
Deposit your capital

Whatever your size, we're the right fit.


SMEs and Startups

New business founders


Trusted by 450,000 companies

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More practical information on opening a business checking account

Is opening a company bank account compulsory?

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What documents will I need to open my business account?

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What documents will you need to open a bank account with Qonto?

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What is the Kbis?

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Which bank should I choose for my Small or Medium Business account?

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When should I open a business account for my SME or VSE?

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What is the capital deposit?

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Is there a Qonto business account adapted for my Small- or Medium-sized Enterprise needs?

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