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The banking advantages of an online business account

Unlimited transaction history

Track your expenses in real time

Order customizable debit cards

Send money anywhere in the world

Our customer service is available 24/7

A business account you can open with minimum fuss




Always there

Payment methods designed with Small and Medium Businesses in mind


Physical, virtual or ‘burner’ cards that adapt to your business. Plus Apple Pay and Google Pay for in-store purchases.


Send and receive transfers inside the SEPA zone and beyond via SWIFT. In 18 global currencies.

Check deposits

Clients who pay by check? No problem. Enter the data online and send your checks to us by post.

Instant bank comparator

Compare what traditional banks offer to the solutions of digital providers.

Qonto: more than just a business account

4 hours a month saved on bookkeeping

So long receipt hunting, goodbye manual exports. Prepare your accounting in a flash.

Optimize your spend management solo or as a team

Control your budget, delegate to team members and manage your expenses in real-time.

Boost your productivity with our tools

Connect Qonto to over 80 integrations for even more efficiency: accounting tools, payroll, CRM, cash flow… Say hello to automation.

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The finance solution that powers up your business

Organize your finances with separate accounts

Open multiple accounts to separate budgets or isolate expenses; set accounts aside for your VAT remittance or for team budgets.

Loans to finance your projects

Get loans with our partner October. Simple, fast and guaranteed financing solutions. Oh, and without paperwork.

Let idle cash make you more cash

Got money sleeping in your account? Help that money grow with our remunerated accounts and manage it all via Qonto.

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Let us check your ID


Your bank account's open

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