Instant transfers: from account to account in 10 seconds

Instant transfers help you avoid late payment fees and blocked orders. The money you send arrives at its destination in instantly, and so does the money others send you. At no additional cost. Whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Enjoy a new era of bank transfers

✓ Collect bills & pay suppliers in under 10 seconds

✓ Make immediate transfers whenever you want, 24/7

✓ Higher limits: transfer up to €15,000 at no extra cost

✓ Transfer across the SEPA zone on any device

You’re in good hands




3 reasons to switch to instant transfers

Save time

No more figuring out when to send a transfer so the payment arrives on time. No more sending proof.

Strengthen trust with your partners

Your money transfers completed in 10 seconds. Perfect for building trust with your business partners.

You can focus on your business

You’re notified instantly that the money you sent has been received. Job done; you can move on to whatever’s next.

Open an account

How to make an instant SEPA transfer with Qonto


Log in to your account


Enter the payment details


Check your SEPA transfer details

Make foreign currency payments

Need to pay your suppliers in foreign currency? With Qonto, you can make SWIFT transfers in 18 currencies, with a commission of 1%. Receiving international transfers into your business account is free with most subscriptions, or €5 with the Basic plan.

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