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We didn't reinvent card insurance. We just made it simple, clear and transparent.
It has all you need to protect yourself and your teams from the worries of everyday life.

Compare insurance

Choose a card with guarantees that meet your needs

Trip cancellation

Plane and train delays

Delayed luggage

Lost, stolen, or damaged luggage

Rented vehicle protection

Medical fees abroad

Assistance and repatriation

Hotel stay if you need to visit a hospitalized relative

Purchase protection

Mobile phone coverage

Fraudulent card use


Run your business while getting the most complete protection

Travel insurance & medical expenses

Fraud & online purchases

Purchase protection

To find out more, download the OnePlus and X Card insurance policy.

Mastercard cards

Cards, transfers, direct debits and much more!
Discover all the payment methods you may need on a daily basis.

Transfers and direct debits

Receive and send money transfers in the SEPA network but also from all around the world, in 18 foreign currencies, with SWIFT transfers

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Use Apple Pay and Google Pay with your Qonto cards for fast in-store and online payments.

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