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We didn't reinvent card insurance. We just made it simple, clear and transparent. It has all you need to protect yourself and your teams from the worries of everyday life.

Enjoy premium protection with your cards

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Face any unexpected business trip setback thanks to our premium cards’ extended insurance coverage.
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Business purchases

Stolen or damaged equipment? With a Plus Card or X Card, you’re covered up to €1,250 per article for 365 days after purchase - even for a phone.

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Victim of a fraudulent payment or withdrawal from your account? Our insurance covers you in the event of loss or theft of your card.
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Travel with peace of mind

  1. Breathe easy knowing your Qonto card compensates you for flight delays or cancellations.
  2. Enjoy up to €5,000 in material damage coverage if you rent a car with your X Card.
  3. Your assistance and repatriation fees are covered. Never worry about unexpected trouble on your business trips ever again.
  4. Go beyond borders with medical coverage of up to €155,000 for illnesses or accidents abroad.

Protect yourself against fraud and travel mishaps

Plus Card

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X Card

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Expert legal advice for your business

Choose a card with guarantees that meet your needs

Trip cancellation

Not included

Not included

Plane and train delays

Not included


Delayed luggage

Not included


Lost, stolen, or damaged luggage

Not included


Rented vehicle protection

Not included

Not included

Medical fees abroad

Not included


Assistance and repatriation

Not included


Hotel stay if you need to visit a hospitalized relative

Not included


Purchase protection

Not included


(€1,250 max/item)

Fraudulent card use




Not included


Complete insurance policy

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