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A new standard for business cards

Lock and unlock your card

Your card just disappeared or you don’t remember where you last put it? Qonto allows you to lock it temporarily for more security.

Customize your PIN code

Never forget your PIN code again! Qonto allows the cardholder to define it. Need to change it? Sign in into your account and choose a new one in a few clicks.

Your business, your limits and you're in charge

Manage permissions, withdrawal and payment limits that fit your needs in real time!

3D-Secure (3DS2)

Enjoy the latest 3D-Secure technology (3DS2) for your online payments.

Qonto virtual card: instant, secure and so convenient

Use your virtual cards with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Qonto One cards are available as physical cards or virtual cards.

Virtual cards are available immediately after their creation and allow you to pay online in a secure way.

Add your virtual card to Apple Pay or Google Pay™ and use it for all your in-store payments.

Pay with your everyday Apple and Android devices. It's simple, fast and secure.

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Insurance that really works, wherever your business takes you

We didn't reinvent card insurance, but we made it simple, clear and transparent.
It has all you need to protect yourself and your teams from the worries of everyday life.

A flight delay?

Travel with peace of mind: our Plus insurance compensates you up to €450 if your trip does not go as you planned.

Lost your luggage?

You arrived at your destination but not your suitcase. Qonto will compensate you up to €850.

Coverage abroad

Qonto One covers your medical expenses, repatriation and legal assistance abroad.

Car rentals

Keep your eyes on the road and drive with your mind at ease: your card insures you in case of damage to the vehicle.

Fraud compensation

We compensate in case of fraudulent payments or withdrawals following the loss or theft of your card

Choose a card that fits your needs

Tailor-made cards for everyone, whatever your plan

Plus Card

Double your limits and the warranty coverage with the Plus card.
Enjoy cash withdrawals up to €2,000 and payments up to €40,000 each month.

X Card

Forget what you know about foreign currency payment fees.
With the X card, you have everything in your hands (except extra charges) to live the full experience with no boundaries.


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