Get flexible financing for your company

Bring your projects to life or support your cash flow with our loan offers, provided in partnership with October. Enjoy simple and fast financing solutions, without having to battle through red tape.


Take advantage of Qonto’s loan offers

Benefit from the expertise of October, a leading European lending platform.

Choose from a classic loan or State guaranteed loan (PGE); our service adapts to your needs.

Getting a loan has never been easier: forget bureaucracy and wasted time.

Finance offers adapted to your needs

Whether you are looking to boost your cash flow or invest in growing your business, we have the right offer for you.

State guaranteed loan

  • Loans of up to €30,000

  • 12-month grace period

Classic loan

  • Loans of up to €30,000

  • Loan period of 2 years

Financing that is fast, simple and 100% digital

Say goodbye to red tape

No more endless piles of personal guarantees and documents. We analyze your past transactions automatically when assessing your application.

Apply in a few minutes, and receive money within 4 days

Get an initial response instantly. Once your application has received final approval, your money is deposited into your account within 4 days.

Manage your loan entirely on Qonto

Centralize your finances: complete your application from your Qonto app and receive the funds directly in your account.

Get an initial response instantly

All you need is some information on your company, a computer and a few minutes of your time! October’s teams are available for support at any moment via chat, e-mail or phone


Complete your application in under 10 minutes

Simply submit some information about your company and let us take care of the admin.


Get an initial response instantly

We won’t keep you in suspense; you will know if your loan is approved immediately.


Receive your money within 4 days

Has your loan received final approval? No need to keep you waiting; you receive your funds in just 4 days.

How can you benefit from our loan offers?

Our financing offer is open to Qonto customers that meet all the following criteria:

Qonto customers for at least 12 months;

Annual turnover greater than or equal to €100,000 on the Qonto account;

Headquarters based in mainland France;

A commercial company or real estate company (SCI) structure;

No insolvency proceedings for any of the company shareholders within the last 5 years.

Not yet a Qonto customer?

Qonto is the 100% online and all-in-one business account that simplifies your finances.

Warning: Do not borrow beyond your repayment capacity.