Business financing, fast & simple.

No red tape, no hidden fees, no waiting weeks for an answer.

Apply for funds in a few clicks & get a quick response. If it's approved, receive the money straight into your Qonto account.

Digital financing that just clicks

Pay later with Qonto

Our financing partners

For fluid cash flow, future growth or rainy days

Get what your business needs, when your business needs it.

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Cover day-to-day costs

Finance your short-term operational expenses without putting pressure on your cash flow.

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Seize growth opportunities

Invest in fresh stock, new equipment or ad campaigns ahead of peak sales seasons.

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Deal with nasty surprises

Stay covered in case of late customer payments, repairs and other unexpected business costs.

Pay later with Qonto

Your eligibility and credit limit are reassessed each month. Terms and conditions apply.*

  1. Up to €10,000 in your account instantly to pay your supplier invoices.

  2. Repayment in 3 monthly installments at an effective monthly rate of 1.16%.

  3. Track all repayments & remaining credit limit easily, directly in Qonto.

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Discover available credit & sign a non-binding contract to unlock it.

Mint  cards Pay Later Immediate funds

Use Pay later whenever you need it and as soon as you need it.

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Follow your remaining installments & credit limit easily from the app.

“I can finance my business whenever I want with Qonto, with just one click. It gives me peace of mind, especially if I have any problems with my equipment.”

Jean-Étienne Loose


Sound engineer and freelance musician

Tailored offers via our partners

  1. Finance longer-term projects and larger sums (up to €10M, national limits apply).
  2. Sync account data for a fast-tracked, paperless application process and a reply within 48h.
  3. Our financing partners are customer-centric, digital-first and tailored to SMEs.
  4. Financing terms & eligibility criteria vary from one partner and one country to another.**
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Get funds to finance mid-to-long-term projects and growth opportunities.

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We only select partners who understand the needs & challenges of SMEs.

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Automate your application & get funds directly into your Qonto account.

Best-in-business financing partners

We only select financing partners who fully understand the needs and challenges of SMEs.

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100% flexible and instant credit lines you can access in a few clicks

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Immediate funds to grow your digital business without giving up equity

Grey Logo Cards Riverbank

The simple and flexible loan for short-term financing of freelancers, micro-enterprises, and SMEs.

Grey Logo Cards Silvr

Easy to access funding for online businesses, e-commerce entrepreneurs or scaling SaaS companies

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More coming soon

You’re in safe hands

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Guaranteed deposits

Deposits covered up to €100,000 by the FGDR (Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution)

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Regulated banking

Qonto is a payment institution supervised & regulated by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution

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Secured transactions

ISO 27001 certification, 3D Secure, dual authentication and all the latest tools to combat cybercrime.

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With a human touch

Our teams are available 7 days a week to answer your questions by phone, email or chat.

Finance & financing in 1 fine app

  1. Open a business account with a local IBAN in just 10 minutes.
  2. Intuitive dashboards for real-time insights to inform financial decisions.
  3. Physical and virtual Mastercards.
  4. Instant SEPA and international SWIFT transfers.

Not with Qonto yet?

You must be a Qonto customer for at least 6 months before becoming eligible for our financing offers. 

Open an account now and start saving time on finance tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Qonto’s Pay later invoice financing?

Who is eligible to use Qonto’s Pay later invoice financing?

Am I eligible for Qonto's partners' offers?

What are the main kinds of financing businesses can use?

How can you get financing for a newly created company?

Why seek a loan for business financing?

*Pay later is a financing offer from Qonto (Olinda SAS). Borrow up to €10,000 for your invoices, with no down payment and at an effective monthly rate of 1.16%. Repay the invoice amount plus interest (tax included) in three equal instalments, to be debited automatically from your Qonto account starting one month after your purchase. Eligibility is re-assessed on a monthly basis; you can check if you’re eligible by clicking on Pay later in the Financing section. Activating the Pay later feature is risk-free and non-binding. Signing the Pay later contract does not oblige you to use it, and there are no charges for non-use. More information is available in our Help Center. 

**Qonto does not recommend any particular partner, nor does it guarantee or grant financing. Choose a partner based on your needs, their eligibility criteria and your ability to repay. Qonto is not responsible for any losses you may incur as a result of taking out a loan and plays no role in the underwriting process or the evaluation of your applications. Nothing on this page or in the Financing section should be construed as financing or investment advice.