The deposit of your share capital, 100% online

  • A simple transfer to your account

  • Digital deposit certificate within 72h

  • Current business account with no hidden fees


3 quick steps to deposit your share capital online

Open a Qonto account, proceed with the deposit of your share capital and receive a digital certificate within an average of 72 hours.

Deposit your share capital

Open an account in 10 minutes

Enter your personal, shareholder and company information as listed in your by-laws. Next, add these by-laws on Qonto.


Deposit your share capital

Each partner should make their share capital deposit with one simple transfer. You'll then receive a fund deposit certificate via email within 72 hours.


Register your company

Finalize your company's registration with the relevant official entities, then submit your registration documents to Qonto so the funds can be released. You're all set!

Deposit your share capital

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