Deposit your share capital, 100% online

  1. A fuss-free share capital deposit in 1 transfer.

  2. Your share deposit certificate within 12 hours.

  3. Our expert team on hand 24/7.

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Deposit your share capital in 3 quick steps

Open your business account with Qonto, deposit your share capital and get your deposit confirmation within 12 hours.

Open your account in just 10 minutes

Provide details about yourself, the shareholders and the company you are founding. Simply upload your incorporation documents to the Qonto app.

Deposit your capital

Each partner can deposit their share of the capital with a simple transfer. You'll get a deposit certificate by email within 12 hours, followed by a paper version in the post.

Register your company

Once your company's legally registered, just upload your registration documents to the app. We'll activate your account – and you're all set for business.

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How much does a capital deposit cost with Qonto?

  1. Annual pack from €169 excl. tax for the first year (includes capital deposit of €69 excl. tax + 12-month Basic package).
  2. Or commitment-free with a capital deposit of €69 excl. tax and your business account from €11 excl. tax/month.

Qonto in a nutshell

  1. Open a business account in 10 minutes, with no hidden fees.
  2. Benefit from a range of payment methods (Mastercards, instant transfers, etc.).
  3. Control your spending and bookkeeping, effortlessly.
  4. Manage all your invoicing from one single platform.

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Qonto’s goal is to protect what’s most precious to entrepreneurs: their time, energy and focus. 

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