Your accounting made easier

Scan your receipts to certify them and automate VAT collection. Qonto reconciles finance and accounting. You'll love the end of the month.

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Simplify your accounting management

Add receipts to your payments, we certify them!

Pay, take a picture of the receipt and attach it to the purchase. It is automatically certified with probated value and stored securely. You're covered in case of control!

No more missing receipts: with Qonto, you can match all your team's receipts to the corresponding payments directly on the app.

Conduct VAT reconciliation in no time!

Treating VAT in book of accounts has never been easier! Qonto automatically detects the rate and VAT amount applied when the receipt is attached.

All you have to do is to confirm it to make it appear on your current account export file.

Ask for missing receipts in a click

Last day of the month and some latecomers haven’t attached their receipts to their transaction yet?

Just send a kind reminder from your Qonto account to collect the few missing ones.

Connect Qonto to more than 80 accounting tools

With Connect, find the tools selected by Qonto, to offer your the best accounting experience. Instantly connect Qonto to tools like Quickbooks, Pennylane, Acasi or Clémentine.

Track and sort your expenses in real-time

Get notified in real-time

After each transaction they make, your team members are notified and can attach the payment receipt, which we certify and store, with VAT detection.

Unlimited transaction history

Go back in time on your app to check all your transactions, since day one and up to now.
And yes, you can export this as a .XLS or .CSV file for your accountant!

Custom labels, custom finance management

Using custom labels allow you to get a better understanding of your expense items: softwares, team lunches, flight tickets,...
Once applied to your transactions, these labels will appear on the transaction export file to help you in budgeting and forecasting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is probative value certification?

When you attach your digital receipts and invoices to your Qonto account, we certify and store them. Thanks to probative value certification, the digital version of these receipts and invoices have the same legal value as the original.

In the event of an audit, you can justify your expense by providing the relevant authorities, the digital version of the document that has been certified by Qonto.

While many banking actors allow you to attach a picture of your receipts, not all of them actually certify them.

Keep your eyes wide open when looking for your new business account. Make sure the provider you choose handles this crucial step to keep you in good standing.

Qonto is backed by a service provider to create an automatic electronic signature and digital stamp for each receipt or invoice attached to Qonto. You'll also be able to get the exact date and time of the certification.

Once submitted and certified, your receipts and invoices are stored following European eIDAS regulation indefinitely and in a secure way. In the event of an audit, all you have to do is to export your receipts.

Can I really throw away my receipts?

Probative value certification means the receipts scanned have the same value as the paper receipts. To make sure that the documents uploaded to Qonto are certified, you will need to ensure that the digital copy of the document is 100% identical to the original:

- The document copy should be readable and unchanged

- The colors of the document should be the same as on the original document

- The document copy should not be cropped or cut

If the documents submitted do not comply with our recommendations, only the original paper version of the receipt will be valid in the event of an audit. To learn about your company's policy regarding probated receipts, we advise you to discuss it with your accountant.