Create your company online

Qonto makes company creation a breeze for entrepreneurs. From choosing your company’s legal structure to depositing your share capital and registering your business, we can get you up and running, fast.

The business account for company creators

  1. Receive a local IBAN within seconds
  2. Use Mastercards and many other payment methods
  3. View your unlimited payment history, updated in real time
  4. Enjoy no transfer commissions, no hidden fees

Deposit your capital in 3 easy steps

Once you have your deposit certificate, you can finalize your company registration and create your Qonto account

Choose your company’s legal status

Choosing a legal structure also involves writing its bylaws. Don’t worry, our partners will help you every step of the way.

Deposit your capital

Each of your partners can make a simple transfer to deposit their share capital. You’ll then receive a digital certificate from Qonto within 12 hours.

Register your company

The last step before launch. Once you’ve obtained your certificate of incorporation, upload it to the Qonto app to free up your deposit capital. Then you’re all set.

Ready to try Qonto?

Sign up today and start depositing your company’s share capital. Whether you’re self-employed or a small business with multiple teams, Qonto is the only business account you’ll need.