Metal X Card: a premium debit card that means business

A metal X Card pushes your payment limits higher and your options wider, even abroad. Enjoy the premium experience and leave your business fully charged.

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Loved & trusted. 500,000 times and counting.
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The metal X Card: the card that gives you extra

  1. Spend up to €200,000 per month.
  2. No fees when you spend in foreign currencies.
  3. A 17-gram, metal Mastercard with unique design.
  4. Premium insurance, for greater peace of mind.
  5. Concierge service and VIP lounge access included.

A premium experience you can touch

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Enjoy concierge service

Your X Card includes a concierge service that gives you free assistance with your travel arrangements (information, reservations, quotes etc.).

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Live the lounge life

Access over 1,100 airport lounges across the world, whichever airline or ticket class you fly with. First entry is free. After that, you’ll get entry for a discounted price of just €30.

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Legal assistance

Whether you need guidance on how to raise funds, write a contract or even resolve a dispute - get expert legal advice through our partnership with Caarl.

Business Mastercards that adapt to your needs



Up to 30 cards free, depending on your subscription, then €5 per month for each additional card.

€8 excl. VAT

per month

Card payment limits

per calendar month



Cash withdrawal limits

per calendar month



Cash withdrawals included

Then €2 excl. VAT per withdrawal



Foreign exchange commission on non-Euro card payments

per transaction




Recycled plastic

Recycled plastic


Choice of colors and styles

Available in Black, Silver & Light purple, with printed or embossed details.

Concierge service and lounge access

Enjoy access to a personal assistant who can answer your questions 7 days a week as well as entry to more than 1,100 airport lounges worldwide.




All our Qonto cards, both physical and virtual, provide you with insurance and assistance. Levels of coverage vary depending on the card you select (One, Plus or X).

Fraudulent Payments

Advanced coverage

Compatible with Apple Pay/Google Pay

Premium protection for all your needs

Protect your business from the unexpected with the increased coverage offered by your metal X Card.

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Travel protection

Get compensated up to €800 if your flight is delayed and get compensated up to €1,000 if ever your luggage is lost, damaged or stolen.
Iconography Card Security

Purchase protection

We’ll compensate you for up to €2,500 per year (or up to €1,250 per article) in lost or damaged goods purchased with your X Card.
Iconography Coverage

Fraud protection

We’ll reimburse you up to €3,000 per year in the event your X Card is stolen or lost and used to make fraudulent purchases.
Compare insurance coverage

A premium card. And so much more.

  1. Automate your account reconciliation by connecting Qonto to your accounting tool.
  2. Scan all your receipts and proofs of purchase; they’ll have the same legal value as the original paper versions.
  3. Forget manual entry of your expense report data thanks to automatic VAT detection.
  4. Keep control of your spend, in real time. By yourself or as a team.
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Ready for the metal X-perience?

Do you want what the metal X Card can give you ? Open your account in 10 minutes. Order your cards in a flash.

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