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An account for your association enhances its success and its impact

Charge membership fees

Contributions from different payment methods

Apply for funding

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Maximizing your association's mission

Optimized collection of donations and membership fees

No more round trips and long waits at the bank. Easily collect both one-off and regular contributions through transfers or a mobile banking terminal.

Up-to-date information for funding research

Save time in the search for grants and subsidies thanks to clear and up-to-date financial data.

Cash checks easily

Cash checks in just 2 steps: enter the information in your interface, then send by post.

Save time preparing your bookkeeping

No more missing receipts

Scan your receipts after each payment to ensure they're certified and stored securely. Select the corresponding VAT rate to prepare your accounting.

Connect your business finances and accounting

Expenses, receipts, VAT...all information is synchronized in real time in your accounting tool. Like magic!

You are in good hands

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An intuitive financial management solution that's easy to use


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