Smart and reliable payment methods

Get the everyday payment methods you need to grow your business.

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Get access to all the best payment methods

  1. Mastercards for you and all your team
  2. Apple Pay and Google Pay for simple and fast payments
  3. Send and receive transfers. 
  4. Access direct debits, payment terminals and much more

Keep your expenses under full control

All our cards can be instantly reset or customized to suit every need. But you always stay in control.

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Physical cards

Cards to meet every need, from online spending to in-store purchases, all over the world.

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Virtual cards

Instant digital cards keep your subscriptions and online payments safe at all times.

The best of Mastercard Business

  1. Contactless payments possible up to €50
  2. Protected by 3D-Secure technology (3DS2) to keep your online payments safe 
  3. Customize your PIN code, so you never forget it again
  4. Lock and unlock your card instantly: you need just one click to block it and secure your account
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Instant cards for your one-off expenses

Got an employee who needs to buy office supplies or is going on a business trip? Empower them by allocating a specific budget thanks to Instant cards. Employees gain independence; you stay in control.

Travel with peace of mind

Go anywhere with your travel insurance sorted using our premium cards.

Up to 400 transfers in 1 click

For supplier payments

For payroll

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Send and receive money transfers

Instantly across Europe

And anywhere else, globally

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Set up SEPA direct debits

  1. Banish payment delays for customers and suppliers.
  2. Set up one-time or recurring direct debits (coming soon).
  3. Centralize all your payments in a single interface.
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We accept checks

(France only) Need to cash a check with Qonto? It's easy: just fill out the required information on your app and send us the check at the contact address provided.

Financing to fuel your business

  • Get instant funds to finance your invoice payments with Qonto’s own Pay later solution.
  • Find longer-term, larger sum financing offers through our network of specialist partners.
  • Enjoy a fast-tracked process: no red tape, no paperwork, no waiting weeks for an answer.
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Our partners for payment solutions

Enjoy Apple Pay and Google Pay

  1. Pay for your business expenses using your Apple and Android devices.
  2. Make fast, easy and secure payments in a tap or a click
  3. Order your Qonto card and add it to the Apple Wallet or Google Pay™ to start making mobile payments.

Automate your finances

We develop offers and payment solutions with key partners to complement your Qonto account, so it can continue to satisfy all your business needs.

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