Take control of your cash flow

Open multi accounts with dedicated IBANs to separate your expense items, activities, and create team budgets

Organize your expense items

Put money aside by creating multi accounts for your most common expenses and manage your company's cash flow just the way you want.

Save for taxes, payroll, travel expenses, supplier payments...

Secure funds you shouldn't spend

Allocate team budgets and track expenses

Marketing, Logistics... Empower your teams and gain visibility on the expenses of each department.

Pay your subscriptions with the relevant budgets

Your members' cards are associated with team budgets

Enjoy visibility and budget tracking at a glance

Get a dedicated account for each of your activities

Is your company handling several activities? Open an account for each of them to see things clearly.

Separate the finances of your different activities

Follow your different activities closely and make the right decisions

Your accounts deserve the best

No matter the use, all your accounts come with a dedicated local IBAN and all the means of payment you need.

Local IBAN

Mastercard cards for your employees and to pay for subscriptions

Transfers all over the world

SEPA direct debits

Dedicated account statements