Optimize your cash flow with sub-accounts

Open multiple sub-accounts with dedicated IBANs to separate expense items, taxes & business activities and organize team budgets.

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Multiple ways to save with sub-accounts

Save for both everyday and long-term expenses

Set aside funds to cover taxes, payroll, travel expenses, supplier payments…

Never go over budget again

You’re in good hands

Individual IBAN

Quick signup process

SEPA payments

Customer service

Stay in control

Virtual and physical cards for each account

Manage each account from your Qonto app

Allocate budgets, set spending limits, and track all your expenses in one place

Simplify your taxes

Put aside funds for your tax return

Separate income streams, improve cash flow

Assign expenses to specific accounts

Adding sub-accounts: 3 simple steps


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Frequently asked questions

What are sub-accounts?

What does it cost to open sub-accounts?

Who can access my sub-accounts?

Can I receive funds on all my sub-accounts?