Optimize expense management as a team

Let teamwork save you time! Allow your teams to manage their own payments, cards and budgets without giving up your visibility of the bigger picture. Save precious time and boost efficiency thanks to collaborative expense management.

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Financial management: a team effort

Give your employees more freedom by allocating them physical, virtual and temporary cards

Define each user's access rights and control your employees' spending limits, no matter their means of payment

Allocate budgets to your teams by by setting up multi-accounts

Forget about having to attach receipts; simply validate them

Simplify finance management with business team accounts


Control your budgets with ease: enjoy full visibility and set the rules yourself

Team spirit

Empower your employees with team budgets and the means of payment they need

Peace of mind

Worry less about expenses: delegate management to your teams, within the boundaries you set

Engage your employees and optimize your expenses

Tailor Mastercards to your employees' needs

Use physical and virtual cards for recurring expenses or Flash cards for occasional ones.

Make dealing with transfer requests easy

Your employees fill in the details; all you need to do is click "approve".

No more chasing up receipts!

Free up your time by setting custom rules and automatic reminders to collect employees' receipts.

No nasty surprises: let your staff act freely within the limits you set

Pre-defined access rights let you delegate with peace of mind

Accountant, manager, employee...give them exactly the limits and access rights they need.

Real-time control of spend and payment limits

Adjust the limits and permissions of each card in real time: per month, per day and even per transaction.

Assign budgets and track spending team-by-team

Categorize your expenses in advance using multiple accounts. Assign a budget per team, per project, per customer or supplier.

With Qonto, there is something for everyone

CEO/Business Owner

Free yourself from administrative tasks while keeping control of your finances


Enjoy greater visibility over your finances by optimizing payment tracking and team budget management

Office Manager

Purchase independently on your company's behalf, so you can focus on well-being at work

Team Manager

Gain efficiency and independence by directly managing your team's finances and payment cards


No more expense reports! Safely spend company money on the job without ever having to pay from your own pocket


Boost efficiency by accessing your clients' accounts at any time and exporting transactions, receipts, labels and VAT directly into your accounting tools

Qonto, the all-in-one current account to manage all your finances

A complete business account

Benefit from a digital and transparent business account with an unlimited and real-time transaction history.

All the payment methods you need

Cards, transfers, direct debits, mobile payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay... and much more!

Save 4 hours per month on your bookkeeping

Automate your bookkeeping process. Because, after all, who likes paper receipts and manual reconciliation?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we certify digitized receipts?

Probative value certification guarantees that your digital receipts hold the same value as the paper originals once you submit them on Qonto.

In the event of an audit, you will be able to provide authenticated digital receipts and invoices to allow the relevant authorities.

How does it work?

You just made a new purchase? Grab your phone and attach a picture of your payment receipt to this new transaction.

Once you've taken the picture, your receipt gets certified: thanks to our expert partner, we automatically create an electronic signature and a digital stamp. You'll also be able to get the exact date and time of the certification.

After the receipt is certified, we store it according to the European eIDAS regulation. The document is then secure and available for an unlimited time. In the event of an audit, you can find it at any time and easily by exporting your transactions.