Delegate spend with customizable rights

Give your teams more autonomy over their business expenses. And keep control of spend thanks to user roles and access rights that you define for your team members.

Delegate spend with peace of mind

Save yourself time

Give your teams autonomy

Be serene about budgets

Manager: a role you can customize

Assign the Manager role to your team leaders so they can handle their teams’ spending.

Choose which tasks they’re able to carry out thanks to customizable access rights.

Set payment limits in advance for the purchases they make or approve.

Roles and rights tailored to all

Admin role:

track all inflows and outflows

assess and approve team spending requests

carry out all necessary banking operations

Employee role:

request payment cards and transfers

upload receipts directly to Qonto

access personal spending history

Accountant role:

access all information needed to prepare the company accounting

collect and export the necessary receipts and supporting documents

They boost their team efficiency thanks to Qonto

I save time every month with the Manager role. I’ve delegated the approval of my staff’s transfer requests and the collection of their business expense receipts to my Development manager.

Youssef Krechich — Founder of Speed Network

One unique solution for managing company spend

Control your expenses

Customize spending limits for card and transfer purchases. Approve expense requests on the go in just a click.

Expense management

No more chasing up missing receipts. Make managing expense reports easy and automate the collection of receipts.

Requests and approvals

Give your staff more autonomy over card and transfer requests. Check and approve in a click.

Manage roles in a few clicks

Reduce your workload: customize roles and access rights so you can delegate spend to your teams with full peace of mind.