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A Qonto debit card for each team member

Keep team spending simple and keep control.
Kiss goodbye to expense reports and lost receipts!

Let Qonto simplify how you manage your team's spending

Make paper receipts a thing of the past thanks to fully-compliant, scanned digital receipts

Order cards that are adapted to individual payment needs

Define limits and rights for each user

Get the best from your business Mastercard

Push your limits!

Withdraw up to €3,000 and spend up to €60,000 over a 30-day period.

3 levels of insurance

Protect yourself and your teams against everyday hassles.

Exclusive services

Transform business payments into a seamless experience.

Stay safe and secure with your Qonto debit cards

Personalize your PIN code

So you won't ever forget it

Configure your card in real-time

Manage individual rights and withdrawal and payment limits to suit your needs

Block and unblock in an instant

Lost your Qonto card? Block it in a click or a tap of your finger

Get 3D-Secure technology

Extra safety for your online payments

Payment cards for all needs, adapted to companies and self-employed workers

One Card

Simple, effective, no fuss.

Plus Card

More freedom, no compromise.

X Card (metal)

Strong, solid and loaded with unique benefits.

Virtual card

Ideal for your online spending.

Flash card

A temporary card to ease your teams' one-off expenses.

Flash cards for your one-off expenses

An employee needs to buy office supplies or is going on a business trip? Empower them by allocating a specific budget thanks to Flash card. Employees feel autonomous while you stay in control.

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Insurance and transparency

Make the most of an online business account that also includes travel insurance and legal advice on each Qonto card.

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Debit cards adapted for all users and all purchase plans

One Card
Plus Card
X Card
One Card
Plus Card
X Card

Monthly fee (not included in the subscription)

Monthly fee (not included in the subscription)

€5 excl. VAT

€6 excl. VAT

€20 excl. VAT

Card payment limits

Card payment limits

per calendar month




ATM withdrawal limits

ATM withdrawal limits

per calendar month




ATM withdrawals included

ATM withdrawals included

Then €1 excl. VAT per withdrawal




Foreign exchange commission on non-euro card payments

Foreign exchange commission on non-euro card payments

per transaction

2 %

1 %


Conciergerie Benefit from a personal assistant who answers all your requests 7 days a week.


Benefit from a personal assistant who answers all your requests 7 days a week.

Right of access to airport lounges Enjoy access to more than 1100 lounges worldwide and turn your time at the airport into a relaxing moment.

Right of access to airport lounges

Enjoy access to more than 1100 lounges worldwide and turn your time at the airport into a relaxing moment.

Insurance and assistance Mastercard All our Qonto cards, virtual and physical, provide you with Mastercard insurance and assistance. Levels of coverage vary depending on the card you have (One, Plus or X).

Insurance and assistance Mastercard

All our Qonto cards, virtual and physical, provide you with Mastercard insurance and assistance. Levels of coverage vary depending on the card you have (One, Plus or X).

Compare insurances

Business Classic

Business Advanced

Business Exclusive

Additional card printing and delivery fee

Additional card printing and delivery fee

€ 6 excl. VAT

€6 excl. VAT

€6 excl. VAT

All means and methods of payment

Transfers and standing orders

Cheque deposits

Zettle card reader

Your questions on Qonto's payment cards

How do I withdraw money with a Qonto card?

The Qonto cash withdrawal cards are not, strictly speaking, credit cards. Qonto cards allow you to withdraw cash from an ATM.

It is impossible to exceed the pre-established withdrawal limit. The card withdrawal limit can be set on a monthly or weekly basis, according to your preferences. It is mainly used as a means of managing budgets.

How much does a Qonto card cost?

One Cards are included in Qonto packages. According to the package selected, a certain number of One Cards are automatically included in the fee. If you wish to have additional cards, you can, of course, order more for an average cost of €5.

If you wish to take advantage of the Plus Card offer, the card will cost €6 per month, while the X Cards will cost €20 per month.

You can obtain cards irrespective of your revenue.

What about the security of Qonto cards?

Virtual payment cards

Loss or theft of cards are inherent risks of this mode of payment. To avoid this problem, many online banks and payment institutions have developed virtual cards.

Virtual cards work on the same principle as physical payment cards but can only be used for online payments. To make a payment, you only need to provide the name of the cardholder and the card number.

In terms of their professional use, virtual debit cards allow you to pay subscriptions for your various software, services or supplies. You can make your Qonto card secure thanks to a secret passcode that you will be asked for with each payment you make. This way, you will never again lose your card or have it stolen!

3D Secure

3D Secure is a system that makes online payments safe and secure.

When you make a payment on a site that's equipped with the 3D Secure system, you'll need to provide your bank details (name, card number and card security code) along with a security number that is unique to you and that will be given to you by your bank or payment institution.

3D Secure makes your payments safe. It means that to use it, both the commercial site you're paying on and your payment card must be equipped with 3D Secure. Check this is the case before using your card to make payments.

Blocking your card

What happens if you lose your card or have it stolen? Firstly, you must block your card and contact your bank to have it cancelled.

Once you've done this, your card can no longer be used and will no longer be valid. You will need to confirm the cancellation by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to your bank.

It's worth noting that if you subsequently find your card, it can not be unblocked and you will need to wait to receive a new one.

With Qonto, you can block your card via the app and unblock it from your computer or mobile phone. If you have indeed lost your card definitively, you can order a new one.

What's the difference between a debit card and a credit card?

Credit cards are rarely used in France, unlike many other countries. A credit card is a private card. It is the result of an agreement between a credit institution and another party. For example, you can have a Leclerc credit card or a Carrefour credit card.

These cards can only be used in the Points of Sale of the relevant party (i.e. Leclerc, Carrefour etc.). They serve, therefore, as payment cards and loyalty cards.

A credit card is, as the name suggests, credit given by the third party to the cardholder. The cardholder makes payments with the card and must then reimburse the sum, along with any interest.

The amount of credit available gets renewed as the reimbursements are made.

What are the different types of debit card?

Debit cards make up the vast majority of payment cards used in France. People often incorrectly refer to them using the term 'credit card' but technically, 'credit card' is a payment method used only rarely in France.

A debit card allows users to withdraw cash from ATMs, to pay via card machines in stores or make payments online.

A deferred debit card allows users to make purchases and pay after the purchase. For instance, if the payment is deferred by 25 days, the buyer's account will only be debited 25 days after the payment. It is, therefore, a type of credit. Deferred debit cards are usually used by traders and employees who make numerous, regular purchases.

With a deferred debit card, the user's account is debited, for example, once they have received their salary. The deferment, or delay, does not change for each purchase made. Instead it is established in advance in agreement with the bank. Deferred debit cards are therefore useful if the user faces cash-flow issues but needs a certain regularity of payment in order not to confuse multiple payment dates.

Instant debit cards are another category of debit card. When a user makes a payment, the money is debited from his or her account immediately. Usually, however, it takes 2 or 3 days before the transaction is visible on a bank statement.

Instant debit cards allow users to see their bank balance in (almost) real time and tell users how much available cash they have at a given time.

Users can combine this type of card with payment limits. That way, business-owners and managers can keep control of the spending of their teams and see the state of their accounts in real time. This is the offer proposed by Qonto.

Prior authorization debit cards are another type of debit card. For this type of payment, transactions are only possible if a pre-established limit is not exceeded.

It's therefore possible to be overdrawn with a deferred debit card as long as the pre-established limit permits it. If the user wishes to make a payment that would exceed that limit, the transaction will not be possible.

The deferred debit card allows its users to keep control over spending. It's a very useful way of giving employees freedom over spending without allowing budgets to be exceeded.

What are company payment cards?

All companies strive to minimise their spending. To do this, they are always on the lookout for tools that can help them streamline their costs for more efficient financial management.

Company payment cards are one way of controlling fees and have proven to be a real blessing in this respect. They help to limit fees paid by companies and avoid wasteful spending. Popular among directors as well as staff, they are particularly helpful in improving the way professional expenses are treated.

A company payment card is specifically reserved for a company's employees. Provided by the company, they are used uniquely for payments and offer numerous rewards in the management of professional expenses.

How does a payment card work?

Qonto's payment cards work in exactly the same way as other banking cards on the market. To get one, you just have to request them from your online checking account and wait for it to arrive in the post.

You can activate your card by making a purchase and entering your PIN number. Once this first transaction is completed, you'll be able to make contactless payments.

If you opt for the virtual card, it will be put into your digital wallet and ready to use from the moment you request it. Thanks to your virtual card, you'll be able to make online payments in total security.

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