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Subscriptions for self-employed freelancers and independent contractors.

€9 /month (excl. VAT)
The essentials for managing your activity as a self-employed worker
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  • 1 member and 1 One card Business Mastercard included
  • 30 instant SEPA transfers and direct debits
  • 7-day-a-week support
€39 /month (excl. VAT)
The plan that includes all our features plus priority support
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  • 1 member, 1 One card Business Mastercard, and accountant access included
  • 100 instant SEPA transfers and direct debits and 5 cashed checks
  • Bookkeeping Pack
  • Invoicing tool
  • Advanced features
  • 7-day-a-week priority support

Included in all plans:

Know your account history

Unlimited transaction history and account statements. For total visibility over your spending and revenue.

Stay in control of expenses

Monitor your expense items with real-time notifications via phone or email.

Localize your business

Become country-specific with a French, Italian, German or Spanish IBAN.

Switch your bank. Easily. 350,000 customers already have.

Transfer your business account just as you would with your personal bank. Time is precious. Paperwork is not. Our team will help you switch accounts with zero fuss.

Boosting businesses. Today and tomorrow.




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/month (excl. VAT)


/month (excl. VAT)
The essentials

Physical cards

Personalize settings of your One card (included), Plus or X card depending on your needs


Carte One (incluse)


Carte One (incluse)

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Virtual cards

Make online payments with your virtual cards or pay in-store thanks to Apple Pay and Google Pay

€2 / month per card


Create several accounts with individual IBANs to separate your activities



SEPA transfers and direct debits

Manage your transfers and direct debits in one click and receive funds instantly, even on weekends, €0.40 charged for any extra in/outbound transaction

30 / month

60 / month

Outgoing instant SEPA transfers

Send money to your beneficiaries in just 10 seconds, with no extra fees compared to a normal SEPA transfer

Cash checks

Easily cash checks for free (France only), additional checks will be charged at €2


2 / month

Incoming SWIFT transfers

Receive international payments directly into your Qonto account


International SWIFT transfers

Make international payments directly from your Qonto app



Simplified accounting
Time savers
Customer support

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