Business fuel cards: flexibility to get your finances motoring

Get more than just a company fuel card: slide your business into a higher gear with our 100% online business account. Customise your cards for fuel expenses with the Essential, Business and Enterprise plans.

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More than simple company fuel cards

  1. Track employees’ fuel expenses in real time
  2. Cards that work at every fuel station. With no fees.
  3. Set your own daily and monthly payment limits.
  4. Block any business card. At any time.

How to transform a Qonto card into a business fuel card

Request a new card in few and simple clicks. Expense categories are available with Essential, Business, Enterprise plans only.

Create a new card

Log into the app and create a request for a new payment card. Select an account and a user, customize the card based on your needs.

Activate spending categories

Activate “Specific spending categories” and tick “Gas stations” and any other spending category you want to allow payments with the card.

Confirm the order

Set up monthly, daily or per-transaction limits. Choose the right delivery address, verify the details of your order and confirm to request your card.

A custom account for all your projects

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Quick, effective online solutions that make day-to-day finance, payment and accounting easier. Less paper, more time for you.
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Save time by automating operational tasks and receive customer support in under 15 minutes.
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Choose the pricing plan, payment cards and accounting tools that suit your business’ needs.
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We are always clear and upfront about our rates. No hidden commissions. No hidden fees.

Need more than just fuel from your business card? No problem.

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  1. Monitor all fuel spending from any device
  2. Export spending reports in one click
  3. Upload receipts via a photo; leave VAT pairing to us
  4. Full access and visibility for your accountant

An account for each expense type, for closer control

  1. Separate transport costs from your other expenses
  2. Give your staff cards for the transport account
  3. Identify, track and analyze your fuel spend in a flash

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