Acting with integrity

We build trust by behaving responsibly and with transparency. Our Ethics Charter provides a positive framework which inspires our teams and partners in their conduct.

Message from our Co-founders

When we launched Qonto in 2017, our goal was to transform finance management for entrepreneurs and businesses, with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. Ever since, we’ve continued focussing on building a sustainable and successful company, with a company culture grounded in strong ethics and clear values.

Qonto’s Ethics Charter both reflects our continued commitment to these values, and guides how we uphold them in everything we do.

It’s about more than just compliance with laws. It’s a moral imperative - to set high standards for ourselves, to respect our customers, teams, and partners, and to act in the right way, every step of the way.

In doing so, we’ll continue to reinvent the business finance landscape for the better.

Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi

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Our values

Combatting corruption

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Prevention measures

The law requires companies to adopt anti-corruption measures, including internal policies and controls.

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Ethical accountability

The law calls for companies to adopt and enforce a code of conduct formalizing their commitments.

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Safeguards for whistleblowers

The law facilitates the reporting of inappropriate behavior, with guarantees of protection against retaliations.

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Lobbying standards

The law mandates all lobbying to be declared, to monitor its influence on public decision-making.

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Revolutionizing business finances with integrity