Enjoy Apple Pay with your Qonto Cards

Apple Pay is a fast, easy and secure payment solution you can use directly from your iPhone or Apple Watch. Add your Qonto card to Apple Wallet and make your first payments online or in-store with Apple Pay.

Paying is easy with Apple Pay and Qonto

For your in-store payments:

For your online payments:

Ongoing security and control

2-factor authentication:

You stay in control:

How does it work?


Order the Qonto card that suits your needs and activate it


Add your Qonto card to the Apple Wallet app


Pay online and in-store with Apple Pay

Switch to virtual

Pay with your mind and wallet light by using your virtual cards with Apple Pay. Add them to the Apple Wallet App and use your virtual cards in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Qonto cards compatible with Apple Pay?

What is the payment limit for my Qonto card with Apple Pay?

Can I use Apple Pay on my MacBook or Apple Watch?