Virtual cards: a seamless way to manage your business expenses

  1. Experience a different way to pay.
  2. Make purchases quickly and securely.
  3. Business payment cards that suit your day-to-day needs.
Try it for 30 days. For free.
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Manage team spending with virtual cards

Give your teams autonomy all while staying in control of your expenses by ordering virtual cards instantly. You can even change the card limits in real-time. Virtual Qonto cards can be used online or in-store with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Manage your expenses with ease

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Change your virtual card settings in real-time according to your needs.
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Virtual cards carry the same protections as physical cards.
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Pay online or in-store with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Make secure payments with virtual cards

A card to boost your campaigns

  1. High payment limits to ensure your campaigns never get blocked
  2. Unlimited cards to manage your campaigns with full flexibility
  3. Designed to work exclusively with top ad platforms - delegate with complete control
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Instant cards for one-off expenses

An employee needs to buy office supplies or is going on a business trip? Empower them by allocating a specific budget with an Instant card. Employees feel autonomous while you stay in control.

Physical or virtual cards to suit all needs

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Virtual card
Cards InstantCard


Included in all plans

Subject to a fee for the Basic Plan

Included in the Business and Enterprise Plans

Payment limit


per month


in total per card

Exchange rate fees for payments outside the euro zone



Monthly payment limit


Daily limit


Specific days of use

Determine the days on which your employees can pay with the virtual cards


Limited usage period

Determine the usage time for your Instant card, which can range from one day to one year.


How to create a virtual card

Select the type of virtual card you need and provide us with the cardholder’s name.

Customize your card

Set the spend limits and days of use for each card.

Validate your card

Enter the validation code you’ll receive by text.

Your card is ready

You can make purchases online or in-store (using Apple Pay or Google Pay) right away.

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