Virtual cards: a seamless way to manage your business expenses

Make the most of Qonto's business payment cards. Virtual cards are available for all of our account packages. Discover the benefits of virtual cards and how they can help you manage your teams' expenses.

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Order virtual cards for your employees

With Qonto, you can order both physical and virtual cards. Having the choice of payment methods optimizes your business expense management, team by team or employee by employee.

Order a range of virtual payment cards and share them amongst your employees to reward them with more autonomy.

Virtual cards are an effective way of managing your company's various budgets.

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Customize your card limits

Set spending limits in real time for each of the Mastercards you order. Qonto cards are not pre-paid cards so you won't need to re-credit your accounts each time.

You want to keep control? With Qonto, you can receive a notification with each expense request and approve it remotely and immediately. You can modify your limits whenever you want.

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Pay one-off expenses with Flash cards

An employee needs to buy office supplies or is going on a business trip? Empower them by allocating a specific budget thanks to Flash card. Employees feel autonomous while you stay in control.

Enjoy virtual cards that are perfectly secure

Reduced risk of loss or theft of your cards: virtual cards can only be accessed via your Qonto account.

Block/unblock your card in an instant: if you suspect fraud or improper use of your card, block it straight from the app.

Benefit from 3D-Secure technology: all of your online payments are made safe thanks to 3D-Secure.

Change card settings in real time: change the limits of each virtual card with a simple click or a tap.

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Use Apple Pay and Google Pay with your Qonto cards for all your online payments

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How do I set up a virtual Mastercard?


Customize your virtual card


Enter the approval code


Your card is active

The advantages of a virtual Mastercard

An in-demand payment method for businesses

Tighter security

Greater peace of mind

Physical or virtual cards to suit all needs


One Card


Plus Card


X Card

Monthly fee (not included in the subscription)

Card payment limits

ATM withdrawal limits

ATM withdrawals included

Foreign exchange commission on non-euro card payments


Right of access to airport lounges

Insurance and assistance Mastercard

Additional card printing and delivery fee

Insurance and transparency

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Manage your expenses with ease

A Qonto business account offers numerous features to help you manage your professional expenses.

Accounting that's connected and automated

Scan your receipts

Probative value

Integrate with tools compatible with Connect

Simplified expense management

Real-time notifications

Connects to Slack

Team finance management

FAQs about virtual cards for businesses

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What are the different types of online bank cards?

How do you use a virtual payment card?

What is a single-use card or ‘e-carte bleue’?

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