Virtual cards for your teams' online expenses

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By Lucie Casamitjana, June 17,2022

“We have a total of 5 physical cards and 5 virtual cards. As far as the use of virtual cards is concerned, it is different depending on the business. Our sales representatives will mainly use it to book flights and train tickets. While tech and support teams use virtual cards to purchase online hardware, hardware and tooling needs.”
Grégoire Tabard – Attendance

“We have 9 physical cards and 6 virtual cards in total. Each employee has a personal physical card, but also have the possibility of using a virtual card for purchases made on the Internet. The concierge engineers who work remotely, use only virtual cards because all purchases are made on the Internet or for distance sales. And finally, the couriers working with us use physical cards. We adapted the cards to suit everyone's needs. The advantage of virtual cards is to have a certain number of cards, while avoiding as much as possible losses, theft, etc. Their management is easier for remote staff.”
Chloé Weitz - Office Manager - Clac des Doigts

“We mainly use our physical cards to prepare our trips and buy our train tickets. The plus of Qonto virtual cards is really the price and immediate activation compared to the delivery times and risks of loss of physical cards. “

Tristan Ferry – Innovafeed

“We better track purchases with virtual cards."

Marina - Crazy voyages

Lucie Casamitjana
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