Automate the payment of salaries

Optimize your cash flow by putting money aside for salary payments. When it's time to pay employees' salaries, it's just a click away!

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Put money aside for salaries

Separate your expense items by creating multiple accounts. You can put money aside for salary payments and make sure to keep it safe. When payday arrives, pay salaries from this dedicated account.

Pay up to 400 salaries in one click

It's payday! Export the list in .CSV or .XML format from your payroll software and upload it into your Qonto account. All you have to do is to take a last look at your bulk transfer before confirming it.

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Automate payroll with Qonto and PayFit

From payslips to bank transfers, make payroll management a seamless experience.

By connecting your Qonto account with PayFit, pay up to 400 salaries in just a few clicks from PayFit. It's simple and secure!

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