Invest your business cash surplus. No fuss. Just guaranteed returns.

Grow your business' cash surplus with flexible investments. Open a business savings account in just a few clicks and manage what you invest directly through Qonto.


Investments that make your cash work, earn and grow.

Whether you're looking for an ultra safe investment or want to use your cash surplus in a higher risk/higher yield venture, Qonto has what you need.

A business savings account that's stable and secure.


Our partners are French savings agents, licensed by the ACPR and the Banque de France.

Secured funds

Your funds are secured and guaranteed by the French Fonds de garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution.

100% online

Forget paperwork. Automate your process.

Term Deposits: know exactly how much you'll earn. In advance.

Your yield is guaranteed

Define the length of time you want to invest your money. Your interest rate is fixed according to that duration, for the whole deposit period. So you always know what your business savings account will yield.

Your patience reaps rewards

The longer the investment period, the higher the interest rate. You can open several Term Deposit accounts for a completely customized strategy that keeps your cash growing.

You retain access to your funds

If you need your money before the end of your fixed term, you can withdraw it within 31 days with no added fee.

Open and manage your Term Deposit in just a few clicks

No more meetings with your bank manager. No need to spread your surplus cash across different investments. Open and manage your Term Deposit in just a few quick taps or clicks from your Qonto app.

Grow your surplus cash

Define the amount and the time period

Your investment will be transferred automatically once you've approved your business savings account.


Start growing your cash

Your Term Deposit starts working within days. If needed, you can withdraw your funds in under 31 days, without having to wait for your investment to reach full maturity. And with no fees.


Manage your investment from your Qonto app

You can check your yield and the duration of your deposit from your computer or smartphone.

Grow your surplus cash

Make the most of our partners' expertise

My Money Bank

My Money Bank is our banking partner and is a French credit institution certified by the ACPR.

Discover My Money Bank


Cashbee is our technical partner and simplifies the process for opening a My Money Bank Term Deposit account. Cashbee is certified as a payment institution by the ACPR and as a banking and insurance broker by ORIAS.

Discover Cashbee

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